Written by Stallion_85

21 Apr 2014

Last week (Wednesday), I began chatting with a 41 year old white women (I'm a 28 year old Indian guy).

I mutual friend gave me her contact details and we chatted via Whatsapp and exchanged pics in the process. She had a pretty smile and blondish straight hair.

We decided to meet at a Casino on Friday night for drinks and a movie. When I got there, I saw her in a pair of jeans, boots and a long cotton top. She was around my height (1.77m), and a good frame for a mum of 2.

We hugged, and went and had a few drinks and decided to watch a movie.

When we sat, there was nobody else sitting in the same row as us and a few people scattered throughout the cinema. After some chit chat in the movies, as the movie began, we began kissing (she sat on the left of me)...and I rubbed her crotch through her jeans. Since she didn't show any signs of objection, I moved my right hand up and massaged her full figured breasts as I kissed her.

Seeing that she didn't object to that, I put my hand in her top (from the top of it, inbetween her cleavage area) and played with her nipples. She got very aroused by this and put her hand in my jeans and rubbed my crotch for a minute and then I put my hand in hers and guided her and into my boxers.

I then proceeded to put my hand in her jeans and rubbed her pussy. I could feel the stubble on her pussy and that was ok with me. I then undid my belt buckle, pulled down my zip so she could stroke me better and she did just that.

Her strokes got faster and harder, and then I told her to stop. When she stopped, I pulled down my jeans and boxers a bit so my cock could stick out, once she saw this, she tilted down and began to feast on my moist cock tip.

Her tongue was licking my tiny hole at the tip and she sucked me for about 5 minutes.

I then told her to stop, and told her to pull down her jeans and panty because I want to finger her wet pussy. She did not hesitate and a minute later, Her jeans and panty were just below her knees. I fingered her Fat cunt hard and she was soaking wet. A few times I pulled my finger out and put it in her mouth so she could taste her own puss juice, which she enjoyed.

She then gripped my cock and stroked it, so I stopped fingering her. I asked her if she likes my cock and she said "yes, it's tasty, thick and long". I told her to suck it then and she did just that. As she sucked me, she tried to caress my sack. Since my jeans were on quite a bit, I pulled it lower till both my balls and my entire cock was exposed. She put her head lower and began licking and sucking my balls as she stroked me.

I processed to even hold the back of her and fuck her mouth upwards...seeing that she had no problem with this, I held the base of my cock and her head with my other hand and thrust my cock deep in her mouth and kept it in for a few seconds...just enough for her to gag a bit...I did that about 5 times and each time I pulled her head up, she gasped for breath.

She continued to suck me in 10 minute intervals and I also rubbed and fingered her inbetween.

The movie ended and we hugged and parted ways.

She messaged me the next day and thanked me for the wonderful night and said she wants to feast on my cock again soon and wants me to pound her.

We are currently planning our next meeting ;-)