Written by garfield_kzn

26 May 2014

being an avid golfer but not getting enough time to play I sometimes go hit a bucket of balls at the driving range .

I noticed the lanky lady there before also practising . but her being quit a looker a had zero chance to be noticed by her .

so I was on the putting green when I hit a ball too hard and it rolled into a bunker where she was chipping from . I said excuses and collected my ball . she continued and later also started to put . we chatted a bit when she mentioned that she likes to compete at golf . I joked and said ok R10 for the winner of a small putting compo between us . she said ok and we started the compo . she was clearly good at it and I had to concentrate hard . she won on the last hole . when I gave her the money she said rather to buy her a drink at the kiosk .

we sat under the shade and had another and another drink . it was a hot day and we were sweating a bit . I said I will be jumping in the pool at home after golf . she agreed it was a good idea ..but their pool area was out of action as they had a braai being built . I suggested she join me...well knowing a stunner like that will scoff at my idea . big was my shock when she agreed . so off we went to my place . I live alone so there was no one else at home .

she didn't have her costume there but a short lycra pants and top in her gym bag which she put on . wow I almost drowned when she came out of the house . her boobs were filling the top fully . I could see a cameltoe outine of her pussy .

she waded into the pool . I made sure there was another drink ready for her . she giggled saying she cant have more as she has to drive home later and cook for her hubby as he is returning from Gauteng later .

she swam a bit and came close to me at the steps . her white top and shorts were now totally see through . she saw my eyes fixed on her body . without a word she looked at my ..while she took them off . my 2nd near drowning .

I am tall and can easily stand in the pool deep end . she put her arms around my neck and swiftly swung her legs around my waist .

then she kissed me . her eager pussy were rubbing against my now stiff cock . with a shift of her hips she got my cock to enter her pussy . a long kiss followed . then she threw back her head until her hair was hanging behind her in the water . she pulled me closer and started to ride my cock . impaling me with her grinding hips she fucked me hard .

she was nearing an orgasm when she asked me to fuck her harder and harder . without waiting I bucked my hips and rammed into her .

she came with a bang ...nails into my back she came again and again .

later we went to my bedroom and had another exploding fuck this time me doing her doggy style . she wanted an oily finger in her ass while I fucked her .

pressing her ass back to me she begged for more and more . she was hell hot and horny .

she left after a long kiss promising to be back again soon .

ya ya I thought

3 days later I got an sms telling almost ordering me to meet her at a certain golf course . she booked a cart and golf for 9 holes . and a hotelroom to stay over the night ...hubby was off for business again ....

wat a golf lesson I had that day......and night ...hole in 1 !!