Written by Hrnyltldvl

02 Jul 2016

Some years ago i went to a local cinema to catch a movie. Before the time had some beers with friends. Whilst the move was playing, i neede to wee. Got up and went to the toilets. Shy as i am i went to the second last stall, the last one being locked. When i closed the door behind me i noticed "the hole in the wall" just as ibgot my willy out a finger apeared throughbthe hole... Tapping... Intreuged i did not know what to do but figured it out. Was very hessitant but then realised that im busy developing a hard on. Before i could thinknit through i gently slid my willy through the hole. Then suddenly i felt a soft warm wet mouth covering my semi erected willy. I lived the moment.. prest hard against the stall wall giving as much willy as possible. Did not take long for me to cum... I guess i came in the guys mouth as he kept on sucking all my cum. Pulled up my pants and left, without doing what i went in there in the first place. Sat in my chair, watching the film with a huge wee.... Its a memmory that sticks in the back of my head since that day. Unplanned, out off my comfert zone erotic fun. To this day i have never had a man look at me, touch me or even talk in that way to me. Once off and great experience!!!