01 Dec 2017

My gf's is a bbw so she always talks about being in a long distance relationship and how much she misses sex, so she asked me to get her some1 for nsa, so after a few weeks she was sending me messages asking if I found the guy I lied and said yes he said they can meet Saturday night if she is still keen the day came I had forgot about it at about 8pm am out drink she sends a massage asking Wat tym the guy was coming to pick her I said I would come take her to him was ther late it was about midnight asked her to come out to the car she said she was at to sleep she was now in her nighties, she came and she looked hot in the gown no bra I explained the guy stood me up and I was sorry, she was cool but told me she was looking foward to getting fucked and had shaved so I said let me see if u shaven she was reluctant abt it then I drove to the basement of my flat parking there I told her since we both here and horny let's jus do it, was made to promise not to tell any.

We started kissing in the car then moved to the back seat I opened her gown she wasnt wearing anything I went straight for her clean shaven pussy with my mouth I licked her pussy muffin her she held my head and I felt her juicys flow as she had an orgsm I didn't stop I was now fingering her while my tongue worked on her clit.

She took out my jeans and gave me a wet and sloppy blow job ten times beta than her sister we she sucked my balls while playing wit my cock I lost control and sprayed her wit my cum.

She said she wants me inside her so she sucked it again until I was hard again I got her out the car and bent her over with the door open while she had her head on the seat and ass in the air I came from the back and pushed it in nice and slow she was so wet and not so tight but who gives a fuck abt tightness pussy is pussy. I fucked her hard and fast then slowed down as I spit on the finger and played wit her asshole she jus came tht second she was checking as she cam all over my cock.....