Written by nawtyric

19 Dec 2012

It was friday night and my girlfriend and I invited her mom over for a light supper as the kids were away for the weekend.Now my gf mom just turned 60 and was abit on the chubby side.A short lady with big breast and bums.To cut a long story short.They had a couple of glasses of wine with supper and me not been a drinker sipped on my coke.After about a hour nd a half the wine started taking effect on the two ladies,i put sum music on nd started dancing with my gf while her mom watched.I pulled my gf close,started kissing her nd grabbing her ass.This went on for a while,the more the wine flowed the more touchy i became.Then i started dancing with her mom while she went to the bathroom,I put on a slow song nd pulled mom close,putting my hand on her bum nd squeezing it.gf appeared again sat on the counch drinking while i danced with mom.Then my gf came nd started rubbing my cock much to my shock as mom watched.i took out my cock nd slipped it into her mouth and she sucked me infront of her mom.then her mom came over nd also started sucking,i thought i was in heaven.they sucked for about 10mins,then started getting undressed.started to muff the mom nd gf then started fucking them til we all came.they then started sucking my cock again nd i fucked they each once more and the mom in the ass b4 we all fell asleep on the bed,when we woke the next morning the ladies were in shock that we were all naked but we had a nice laugh about it nd sed it was never to happen again.I stil when gf isnt around just rubb moms juicy pussy.