14 May 2016

Way back when I was in Matric and in boarding school I dated a Std 7 girl. I went to school late and was 18 in Std 10 already. Weekend came and she invited me to come home with her. Mommy got us from school around two in a big white merc. I was a farm boy and had never been in a Merc or beamer before. I was used to bakkies and tractors etc.

We got to their house in Sandton and it was a double storey mansion. I had to sleep in her brother's room. He was in army at the time. The friday eve we went to a movie and her mom dropped us at the movies. I can still smell her perfume. After movies she picked us up at the movies and we all came home. She moaned all the way home that her friend had stood her up, as they also had a date the evening

We had coffee and we all went to our rooms after me and the girl had a quick smooch in the lounge. We never had sex at that stage but did lotsa kissing and touching. I even fingered her a couple of times at a garage party or school movie but nothing more.

That evening I lay in bed and very horny, couldn't sleep at all. The house was quiet and I decided to sleep walk a bit. As I came around the passage I saw her mom's light was on and door was open. I wasn't sure if she heard me so continued past and saw her on her bed reading a book or something. I went to toilet, spend some time, and returned to my room. When I passed again she called me and asked why I'm not sleeping as it was past 1 already. I said well I had to go to the bathroom. She offerd to make us something hot to drink. She just had nighties on and got up from the bed. It was short. OMW the top didn't cover the panty even. She politely apologised and said she's not used to having a boy in the house. She put a gown on and we went downstairs. She made us hot chocolate and then my mind got so corrupted and I got a hard on thinking of the little bit of nighties she was wearing at the moment. She sat opposite me at the breakfast nook and we started chatting. After second cup she changed the subject and started asking about my previous girls etc and also asked if we are sexually active? I was blushing all over but moved in under the table to conceal my hard on.

She suggested we go up to our rooms to sleep as it was now round 3 or 4. I walked behind her and sure as we walked to the stairway she must have seen my hard on as I had shorts and t shirt on only. As I went to my room which was first in the passage she offered to tuck me in. Then she did see my hard on. She looked paused and smiled and said you are a very nawty boy. She covered me and kissed me on my cheek. OMW I was so horny I still could smell her in the room and started stroking myself after she left. It wasn't even 5 minutes as i looked up she was standing in the door way without a gown, in her pink silkies. Asked if needed help. I froze instantly and then she came in, closed the door and came to sit next to me on the bed, rubbing my chest and stomach. She put my hand on her upper thigh and yes rest was history. We didn't fuck for long before I had a huge orgasm. she sucked me a little afterwards, and then we did it again. All imaginable positions she initiated. Next morning at breakfast she was all smiles and me.... well I was red like a tomatoe and couldn't face her daughter.

Later that day she gave me a packet of condoms and said her door will be closed the evening if I want to sleep walk again. Well I walked past her room soon after I heard her door close. My GF was very hesitatnt and nervous but I didn't want to stop. I never told her I sort of had permission to do it The Sunday she had to go to Sunday school and mommy asked me how many condoms are left. I replied none. She walked up to me, kissed me, and then she fucked me silly for a whole hour .........What an unforgetable weekend..... Cougars you girls must enjoy it. A cougar made me aware of this so yes, make another boy's day. He will never ever forget it.