Written by 2sexy4myshirt-him

07 Jul 2018

I manage a sports entertainment venue and have continuous enquires for employment positions. One evening a young couple came walking in asking if we had jobs available. They looked like they had seen better days and he had attempted to make an effort to look presentable in his short sleeve collared shirt and a tie that was way to short and mismatched but she stressed to me me she hqd tied it for him. AnywayI offered the young gent a training position a couple nights in the week.

I had nothing available for his slim young ginger haired spectacled fiance. She always tagged along and w

volunteering to assist with anything and aptly designated her self as my assistant and with her over eagerness became a slight nuisance as I felt I had to keep her busy.

We would chat and i realized she had no filter on her responses and she would answer and offer info so honesty it embarrassed me sometimes. On one occasion she blurted out to me that my girl friend looks like a natural born squirter.......I almost choked as she was spot on and I thought how the hell did she know that...are squirters identifiable....

I was embarrassed and surprised she even knew what that was.

But it sparked a erotic chain of sexual attraction in me that had to be quenched.

This one cold winters evening whilst her fiance was doing his training she sweetly asked me if I had one of the promotional shirts that she could put on to warm herself up. Anyway I took her to my store room in the back and said she should try one on for size.

She expertly did thiis in front of me by slipping out of her top and exposing her freckled pale naked breasts and erect pink nipples for me.

She looked me straight in the eyes and as if I had no control I reached out and tweaked her erect nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Shev didn't. pull away but instead pinched her other free nipple herself and in one motion she pulled my mouth to her breast. Instinctively began to suck it and I felt her body begin to quiver and she let out a sexy deep moaning sound that made me throb and. I began to get rock hard. .. Next she loosened her jeans button with one hand they slid off her skinny hips exposing her shaved pussy mound that looked like a VW bonnet. All nice and swollen and her pussy lips were tight together with only a hint of glistening at her entrance to her clit. Then she gave me my instruction "Make me squirt the same way you do it to your girlfriend" and she spread her thighs as she stood up right and sponded with a quiver in buttocks..