Written by ReEzA

01 Jan 2015


Following up from part 1… I hooked up with my friend and his luscious wife. I met them at their place and we were already stripped down with her deep throating us. Like I said she’s a very voluptuous woman with 38dd boobs. Huge and very sensitive indeed.

So while she was deep throating me her hubby slides his head between her legs and starts to lick her oh so sweet tasting cunt. I knew he was doing a good job because her moans got louder and more intense. I could feel every moan reverb on my cock buried in her throat. I could hear him lap up her cunt in 50 different ways from Sunday bringing her closer and closer to her climax. She was still trying to get all off my rock hard cock down her throat. It was becoming difficult for me to hold back. I was fucking her mouth and throat as hard as her hubby was eating out her pussy. It was then that she orgasmed with a gush that made Victoria Falls seem like it was a little stream. I shot my load down her throat at the same time. She swallowed it all without wasting a drop and even the little that escaped from between her lips she stuck her tongue out as far as she could and licked it all up. I later found out that that was her first time swallowing any cum.

I was spent but far from done and nor was my buddy. He raised her ass in the air while spreading her legs. I could see she was still sensitive from her climax and the protests she put up was to no avail. He went into her pussy slowly at first. Once he spread her lips with that big cockhead of his he slammed into her at one go. She definitely didn’t expect that deep thrust from him. She screamed out so loud that we thought her neighbours were going to call the coppers on us. Again he thrust all the way in to the hilt. Again he banged his cock into her. Again she screamed but this time her mouth landed on my hardening cock. She took the pounding she was getting like a pro while at the same time sucking on my cock. Her hubby was now at a steady rhythm and was really hammering her hard. I could see her trying to fuck him back while making sure she didn’t let go of my cock. She pulled me lower down on the bed and pushed my knees close to my ears. That’s when she surprised me with what she did next. Her tongue went down to my balls. She licked them expertly, taking turns on each of them. My ass was also completely exposed to her and definitely at her mercy. Still she never let up while getting hammered hard and fast in her cunt. Before I knew what was happening next, I could feel her tongue start licking my ass. What a feeling! The intensity was amazing…almost shot my load but held back with all my might. I could hear her hubby’s breathing get heavier. He was ready to blow his nut inside her but decided not to but rather blow his load on her back.

Not to be outdone, I flipped her over onto her back. Her pussy lips were swollen from being pounded by her hubby. Before I could stick my still iron hard cock into her I leaned down and licked at her pussy. Damn she tasted so damn good! I could have licked her all night but I needed to fuck her …fuck her till she screamed with pleasure. I wanted to feel her squirt all over my cock. Taking my cock in my hand I rubbed my cockhead over her swollen lips. She was so responsive but very sensitive. Her clits felt very hard against my cock, pushing a little deeper with each stroke. The deeper I got the wider she spread her legs. I made sure the top of my cock was rubbing the upper walls of her pussy and stroking her g spot. It was controlled fucking. Her hubby lay next to us watching, gently stroking his cock back to life. Holding the back of her knees I pushed them all the way back till her knees was alongside her head. Her pussy opened up even more and made me want to go deeper in her. Long, slow, deep strokes, maintaining control with each stroke. Her screams and moans got louder and louder, spurring me on. Her legs started trembling with the onset of her orgasm. I continued fucking her with deep, hard strokes. She started to squirt, spraying her lush pussy juices all over my cock. She squirted like a like a fire hose, not just on me but drenching the bed too. That’s when I was in for the surprise of my life…

The doorbell rang, none of us expecting any visitors at that hour. Her hubby went to check who it was, after all it could have been important or an emergency. Little did any of us expect who was at the door? We could hear him talking in low tones to who seemed like a woman. The door closed and we could clearly hear a pair of heels following him to the bedroom. We looked up to see who it was, low and behold it was my so called stuck up wife dressed in a pair of ‘fuck me’ heels and trench coat that was already open, revealing her nude body underneath. Her nipples were already hard standing proud on her huge boobs. She didn’t say anything, just dropped the coat to the floor, went on her knees and started playing with my buddy’s cock through his shorts. She then pulled his shorts down and took him in her mouth. By the way she was slurping and salivating I could see she was enjoying his cock. She took more and more of his cock till it was buried to the hilt in her throat. Her tongue licking his balls with each stroke of him fucking her mouth. Through the dimness of the light I saw her reach between her legs to play with her pussy. I know how wet she gets when she’s turned on. By the droplets of pussy juice on the floor I knew she was more than horny and ready for a good fucking.

She got off the floor, walked over to the bed and started kissing my friends wife. I’m going to have to start using initials as reference to each lady. I will call my wife ‘J’ and my friends wife ‘R’. Anyway, J cupped R’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply and passionately. Their tongues intertwined in a passionate war of skilled lovers. My wife was turning out to be ‘not’ such a stuck up tart after all. R reached down and squeezed on J’s nipple. Her gasp sounded like a jolt of electricity went through her. Their mouths finally separated; with a quick twist around they were in a 69, mouths inches away from each other’s pussies. Both women visibly dripping, their mouths started licking each other almost simultaneously. Their erotic moans would have given a dead man a hard on. My buddy and I just stood back, stroking our hard-ons, and watched the show. The 2 women were lapping at each other’s clits and tongue fucking each other. It didn’t take long for both of them to orgasm.

....I'm going to leave u guys with that for now. Let me know what u think?