Written by ReeZ

22 Oct 2014

So we all met for the first time at a regular club. Every one was very nervous and maybe even apprehnsive as well. I knew I was going to fuck her brains out at some point but my wife was a snobbish tart about all of us playing together. Couple of drinks later and a dance or 3 and I was starting to enjoy the way my new friends wife could move and the way she flaunted her ample 38DD breasts. Nothing happened that night moreso because the wife was being a little bit of uptight.

A week later my buddy called me up and was like 'hey bro, do you want to come over to our place for a few drinks. We both want to talk to you' lmfao. Anyway I rock up at their place not knowing what to expect. She looked very fine and sexy in her lingerie walking around their lounge etc. Was told that she likes smoking a joint to relax and loosen up. After talking and getting to know each other better, she disappeared into the bedroom and I thought that was that , little did I know what was yet to come(no pun intended)

Few minuted later, she called me into the bedroom. There she lay ever so seductively. I wanted to just rip off what clothes I had on and probably what little she had on as well. Holding back was the hardest thing ever. My friend walked in with another joint for her. She lit up and that when I saw how horny it made her. Her legs spread slightly at first and then a little more. I could see how wet she was. Again, holding back from diving in was very hard. The more she smoked the hornier she got. My friend then set her boobs free from her lingerie. Damn, what a sight! They were huge and perfect. He offered them to me. Still fully clothed, I reached over and sucked on the first one, then onto the second one. There was no need to work on them too much bcos they were hard as diamonds. She reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and let my rock hard stiffy out. Caressing and fondling till I thought I was going to explode in her hands.

My friend dropped his pants and she instinctively turned her head to suck on him. Lol, I wanted some of that fine head she was giving him. I reached over and gently caressed her pussy through her panty. It was already soaked. I pulled myself away long enough to get undressed. My buddy just continued fucking her mouth. I could her gag but she didn't stop. I leaned into her crotch, tongue out and just licked the outsides of her pussy. Her nectar was sweet and delicious. I teased her for a few minutes. The more I teased the wider her legs spread. Her petal lips splayed open, almost begging for attention.

To be continued...

Let me know what you guys think and I may write the rest of that story.