Written by scones

07 May 2014

After we got divorced, we still saw each other for a while as it was both our 2nd marriages.

We would meet for coffea and so on which later turned in to sex sessions.

One weekend we decided to go away for a dirty weekend.I picked her up at the hospital where she works for a doctor, so that her son woulndt see us.

We went to a resort in the mountains in the tztitzkamma area.Man when we got there it was not long before things got hot.She loved the way i went down on her and made her come getting her dripping wet.I would then start slowly fucking her and building up the pace till she got vocal asking me to fuck her hard which i did.I realised that this was likely going to be the last time we would go away as she just seemed a little different.

I had borrrowed a pair of sunglasses with a built in camera used for game watching. Well game watching i did as later in the afternoon she gave me a long slow blow outside on the deck, followed by me fucking her from behind.

After dinner we had a nice bath together and then to the bed where i ate her for ages and got her to suck me too.The sex was awsome as she let go and gave it her all coming a few times. i fucked her and came more than once which she loved.She went to sleep while i was awake and still horny so i looked at her naked body and got hard.I jerked off and came all over her face and tits which i was never allowed to do in our time together. The next morning she was none the wiser.

The day was cool and later we simply walked around naked as no one can see your chalet.We fucked and i gave her a massage which always enjoyed. This always led to me eating her from behind, then doing her from behind spreading her ass cheeks wide open so her pussy was fully exposed.

She enjoyed the weekend as did i, but on the way home she hinted that this cant carry on, thank god for that pair of sunglasses as the whole weekends sex was taped and yes revenge is bitter sweet.I have her in all positions and wide open for all to see