Written by Ivan

11 Jul 2017

So the game between Lions and Sunwolfs are done (yes I know it was 2 weeks ago) I am only allowed to a drink every time we score (lions) and we scored so was good and drunk after game. So me and girlfriend start deep kissing me playing with her boobs getting really horny. Not long and the clothing fly I go down on her love eating pussy and she love it too going in figure 8 around the clit so after a lot of foreplay she gets up and go to the room telling me to stay so there I am lying on the rug in front of the fire. In she walk with the strapon we bought for her and her girlfriend and say now I want you to feel how great anal is, she turns me over onto my stomach and put a lot of lube on my o and start slowly to finger me WOW that's good she puts pillow under my hips and line me up slowly she puts the monster at the o and enter me how fucking nice slowly she goes in all the way and just hold it there after a while she pulled out a bit and then slam it back in the pace pick up and she is fucking me good for about 20 min. she grab my rock hard cock as she fuck me and just hold it and I can feel the pleasure building she is going faster then I come haven't shot a load like that for a long time. She pulls out and take the strapon off and she has a dildo up her pussy and the juices are running down her legs we go into a 69 licking the juices off each other. Then we kiss tasting the cum. Will do it again