04 Mar 2017

often i travel to germany to visit an expo .

one of the visits i found a swinging club that allows a single male so took the bus and off to it .

arrived 6 pm paid the fees and to the lockers changed showered and then to the bar .

drink or 2 then to the snaks bar ate some fruits and i see a beautiful german white lady in her late 30s with glasses on eating some snaks alone at her table .

took a walk around the club warming up about half an hour later in and off the rooms OMG .

there is the same lady with 2 men taking turns on her so a stood there enjoying the viwe while i was playing with my cock .

the first guy finished and went out while the seconed took position after put the condom on while i was next to her on the huge bed and some how the guy starting theustting fast and faster next thing while this was going on she start looking at me so i gave her a smile and held her hand .

first time holding a lady hand while she was getting fucked this has really excited me and gave me a very strange feeling .

min later the guy finished and she layed tiered next to me .

we just chatted and while she was next to me i was playing with her lovly body .

one thing led to another i suggested i give her a bath and she said well i would love that .

off to the bathrooms i showered that girl and prepared her so well that she became so fresh .

she put on her little shory dress and i asked her hey where is your undy she replied i am tiered of this always getting loss so no more i bring one lol .

back to the room we layed and chatted and she told me that she is married with one teenager and she has agreement with hubby that each 2 weeks one of them comes and enjoy her/him self and the other partner sit home and look agter the child

i then start kissing her and positioned her on the edge of the bed and start kissing her all over till at least 30 min she was so hot i started eating her then pink swelling fresh pussy .

cut the story short made her cum and cum and cum .

men were coming and going and some were watching this has really gave me yet another strange feeling .

now she was so readdy to get fucked and she was passing me a condom at this moment there was few men watching and from my side thinking of my wife back in durban i have always decided not to penetrate no one else but her .

so the last one i did was years back at the take a ways .back in dbn .

so i gave the condom to one of the men and gave him a smile to go and take charge he was so happy and next min he was simply pounding her from the back while i was getting BJ .

then men were taking turn one after another not less than 10 or so .

in between i made her give me yet another personal BJ to make me cum and oh yes i did cum ony self so much so that she said OMG THAT IS SHOTLOAD OF CUM FROM AFRICA LOL

no she was so so tiered she simply fell on her side where i gave her wet sweaty body then a hug while she was shivring .

petted her body gently while there was then another older lady thin with saggy pussy i started to play with it .

a while i checked the time and it was 10pm went out had a good shower changed clothes and next thing i sow the same lady at the bar having a drink she came and told me hey sexy indian man thanks for beaing so gentle gave me a kiss and i was out on the way to the hotel .

till.now this was one of the best visit to germany .

till new real story