Written by Ordinary_Sexual

06 Dec 2017

So following from “generous big lover”...we meet again and I’m wearing just a long top when he arrives, pouring drinks as he comes in. “you look beautiful” he says as he takes the drink and kisses me.

We sit on the couch and chat for an hr or so, but I can see his cock’s outline through his pants. He leans over and kisses me and I take him to the bedroom. I take the top off and he freezes with his top halfway off as he sees the blue lingerie I’m wearing. “You know just how to turn me on wow”.

We stand kissing pressing my soft flesh against him. I can feel his huge cock pressing against my stomach again through his pants. He pushes me back slightly and his hands cup my breasts & squeeze them and rub my nipples. He kisses me again so I have no choice but to be pushed back on to the bed. He takes my underwear off, and opens my legs as he kneels by the bed. His tongue presses against my clit and again I’m loving his skills..his tongue flicking hard over my clit. Very quickly I can feel my cum running down to my bum. I lift myself up into his mouth and when I come back down I can feel how wet the bed is. He puts his finger inside me and he eats me out up and down, side to side, sucking. He puts his tongue inside me and “fucks” me with his tongue. I am now soaking his face.

He gets on the bed and I am so worked up I just want to..need to ride him. I take that thick flesh and 1st lubricate him completely before i slowly have to ease him into me inch by inch....he’s so big I can feel how I’m stretched but it’s good feeling. When he’s completely in I wait for my pussy to relax and I ride him slowly at first.

I move back and forth...feeling every inch of him...I lift up and down slowly so his cock pulls out halfway and then back in. He moans and runs his hands all over me. I lift myself on to my heels/haunches and with my legs lift myself up and down with only my pussy touching/fucking him. “oh my god you are so good at this” he says and I fuck him fast for as long as I can sustain,the slapping and wet sound as I fuck him. The I go back into the “normal” position again and really fuck him by just lifting my ass up and down, slamming his cock in and out. “oh my fuck you’re gonna make me cum”. I slow down and gently move back and forth again. His orgasm subsides.

I’m imagining people standing behind us seeing his cock stretch me and I get turned on more by the thought. I tell him that and I start fucking faster. My orgasm builds up and I fuck even faster and harder and start screaming and he goes “ooooh yess” as my cum runs down him and on to the towel. “I have never in my life been ridden like this, I’m never leaving you”. I reply “shame you clearly didn’t have many women before me” & we laugh.

I turn around again and he licks me again. I look down at him and suddenly the back of his head and body could have been someone else as I Watch him..I cringe and feel hate, agression...I think “stop, get off, get away from me”..but I close my eyes and remind myself it’s not him and this man wants to please me,I swallow the tears back and grab his head and grind my clit against him.

He then fucks me doggy and gosh that big cock stretches me again as I rub my clit. He’s so good at doggy too. He cums finally and we lay chatting again, touching and kissing for another hr.

Again he opens my legs and licks me again! He comes up and I rub his cock hard against my clit....I’m soaked all over again and he fucks me. “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow from your cock” I say as he fucks me.

Again he cums in doggy position. I’m spent and sore.

“so I’ll see you This weekend, I’ll take you for supper” he says