Written by Ordinary_Sexual

03 Dec 2017

We meet over supper. He's a bit shy, but does talk. I of course bubble away and make him laugh. He hardly ever looks me in the eyes when we talk & I tell him I don't trust him because of that. Outside we kiss & I tell him to come over. I go home and freshen up again, put on my black lingerie with no underwear & tell him I'm relaxing in bed & leaving everything open for him.

He arrives and as if we know each other for long I'm comfortably lying in bed and he bends over & kisses me. He undresses & gets under the covers with me. We kiss & his hands goes from my very busty breast, which is hardly contained by the lingerie, down my side & hip, to my back.

"Do you want to know why I didn't look you in the eyes? Because when I do I get instantly hard, & we're in public...i can't get up like that. You have amazing eyes, not because of the colour. it's different"

He puts his middle finger inside my slit and finds my clit. I open my legs and he goes down to my wetness. "Mmm so wet". He's a patient sensual lover clearly. He goes down and starts licking me. So good..his tongue Darting over my clit and sucking on me. He's so good. I can feel I am soaking dripping wet, moaning.

He comes back up and plays with me, puts his fingers inside me while rubbing my soaking clit. I reach down and feel how wet I truly am "sorry should've warned you I can get very wet". He keeps playing "no god I love it" he makes me Cum, I love and cum hard when my clit and gspot is stimulated at same time.

He sits up & asks for the condom. I I sit up and bend over and take him in my hand & in my mind I think "fuck me you're huge, how am I going to take this". I suck him but can only get his tip and a bit more in my mouth it's so thick. "You are so beautiful you know that?"

Then this man literally struggles to get the condom on. His thick cock looking so fiercely squeezed into the condom that I hurt for his part. "Now I understand why you can't get up with a hardon"

He makes me lie back and his tip goes into my wet pussy. But I have to tell him to stop and go slow. For minutes my huge lover has to slowly move back and forth inch by inch until my pussy relaxes every few minutes and can take him inside me. It hurts, he has to hold still a few seconds, then he starts moving slowly while kissing me. My pussy gets used to his big cock and it starts feeling so good, being filled completely. I rub my clit and quickly I reach orgasm with his thick cock filling me from side to side and my clit swollen and protruding.

"Can I do you doggy?" & I turn around. I'm so wet my cum drips down the inside of my leg. His cock slowly enters me & we both exclaim "ooooh my fuck that feels so good" . I rub my clit while he's fucking me & I start screaming and...best way I can describe it...twerking/gyrating on his cock as I want to be fucked fast and cum. I scream and he lets go of my ass "oh baby, yes, of fuck, that's amazing yes fuck" is all he gets out. For 10min or so I'm fucked doggy and loving it. I'm sweating from Cumming on his cock few times...filled up.

The condom starts to hurt his thick cock & he has to take it off. I suck him and he watches my ass in the air while I do.

We take a break & he holds me and we talk for probably an hr. This man so easily makes me talk about myself, my past, the ones I loved and now hate with all my being. He tells me I should be proud, I'm sexy, career driven, independent, the full package. He kisses my neck and oh my god he found my weak spot.

I moan and goose bumps all over my side as he kisses my neck and plays with me again. He says "what I love about you is that you're wet every time I touch you" .He makes me cum again finger fucking me.

I get on him & ride his cock for a few minutes. "You're an amazing lover" as he grabs my hips.

Again he holds me and I fall asleep on his arm. I fall into a deep sleep, comfortable, tired, satisfied.

At 3:30am he wakes me softly. "Babes, I'm gonna go...I can't fall asleep in a strange place and bed. I'm tired". But he reaches down to my pussy again and I'm still wet...he plays with me again. I've definitely found a generous lover.

He needs to cum obviously...and again he eases his cock inside me until I'm used to him again and he fucks me...I love his cock oh my gosh. He cums finally and we lay again for few minutes. He leaves at 4am.

Today 11:30am he messages me "morning, I just woke up and thinking of you. I want you again tonight"