Written by Lickit_1

26 Jan 2013

It's a lazy Saturday morning. Chilling and browesing online when inboxed with a proposal of been of assistance with helping to start a family. An intense proposal accompanied with super hot enticing pics. A few mails back and forth and a lot more pics and i'm unable to declne. Now the wait is on for them to arrive. It's agonisingly long wait as traffic plays havoc with their arrival. We sit down and chat over a cuppa coffee. Her hubby starts to play with her lovely chest and exposes her firm ripe breasts. Wow I move over to the couch that they on and start to suck on one of her boobs. it's not long and she's naked. We move to the bed where all three of us can be more comfortable. she's ling between the two of us. We stimulating her as we sucking on her breasts. I move down between her legs and lap up her sweet love juices. She tastes super and i lap up more and more of her juices. i return to her perky breasts and play with her wet pussy while sucking on her. She's getting wetter and wetter. She manouvers me on top of her and gides my hard cock to her pussy entrance. I slide in slowly enjoying the experience of her tight wet pussy grasping my cock. We build up rythym until we are both pounding each other in perfect timing. I feel my balls swelling as she's milking my cock for everything it's worth. I feel her climax as she wets my cock with her juices. This drives me into overdrive and I fill her with my cum. In between our fucking I give Mr a blowjob too. The best of both worlds tight pussy around my cock and a cock in my mouth. It's just a matter of time to see if the objective of our encounter is achieved.