Written by Newguypmb

15 Jan 2016

I have had some unexpected fun with clients. Here is another story.

I was busy washing my car when my phone rang. It was the company that I sometimes did some security contract work for. They said they sent me an urgent email for a job that they wanted me to help with. All the details was in the email and was urgent. I had to be very discreet.

I finished up and went inside to check on the mail. The mail stated that an important person wanted help with getting a family member out if Qatar. This family member was in trouble an had to get out very quickly. The embassy wasn't willing to help.

The money was good so I sent an email that I would help. I had a few connections in Qatar so was easy to make arrangements. The client organized an aeroplane and I was on a flight to Qatar the following evening. I made arrangements for one of my contacts to meet me at the airport and to organize transport as it would be a quick extraction.

We landed in Qatar and as organized my contact was there. I had the address the client gave me so it was easy with the local guy to find. We arrived at a house that had several cars parked outside. As I got out my contact said that he will park away from the building so that we could have a clear exit if needed.

As I walked to the door two big guys came up to me and asked me if I had an invite. I kept my cool and flashed a bit of money. They opened the door and let me in. As I walked in I realized it was a gentleman's club,the smoke was hanging in the air and some eastern music was playing. There were plenty young girls around,scantily dressed. Some looked very young and I could see they weren't local. I walked to the bar and ordered a drink from the barman. Just as I sat down a young lady came up to me and asked me if her farther sent me. I was a bit bewildered as I haven't even said anything to anybody. She was a 5'2 blond with green eyes and pale pink skin. She had sensual lips and a body to die for. Her breasts were perky about a 36C. By her accent I knew she was South African. I asked her her fathers name to make sure I had the right person. She looked around and told me his name. She said the only way I could get her out was to book her. She showed me who I must speak to and I went over. I booked her for the night and made arrangements at which hotel they had to drop her of. Later that evening there was a knock on my door and it was her, escorted by a really big guy of about 6'6. He said he would wait in the car downstairs for her. We had to move quick as we didn't have a lot of time to get out of the country. We deyed her hair black and I gave her some clothes her father sent with. The paperwork like passports was ready and we could go. I first opened the door to see if they had someone watching the room but luckily there was no one. We hurried to the lift and went down to the basement parking. My contact was waiting there and we left without anyone noticing. We got to the airport and through security without a glich. Finally we were on the aeroplane heading back home.

We were in the air for about an hour when I went to check on her. She was crying and I went and sat down next to her. She looked at me and started to tell me what happened. She was there to teach English and stay there for a year. She was picked up at the airport in a Bentley and that is where the problem started. She was lured to Qatar under false pretenses. They took her to the club and told her she had to work her debt of as they paid for her ticket there. She was taken to a backroom where other girls were. She asked to go to the toilet and managed to get a message via Facebook to her dad.

I looked at her and told het that she was lucky as blond girls in Qatar get sold into slavery never to be seen again. She cried again and fell onto my lap. Well here it got interesting. She looked up at me and started to loosen my belt and open my zipper. I was shocked and wanted to protest but she was quick and had my cock in her mouth before I could stop her. My inner voice went from hell no to hell yes very quickly. She was really good at giving head. She licked the head with her tongue, encircling it then taking it in her hot mouth bobbing up and down. Every now and then she would stop and suck my balls. She asked if I was comfortable and I just nodded. She let go of my cock and opened up her top. Her breasts was pointing in my direction, her aereolas was pink and her nipples was standing at point. I couldn't help myself and started sucking and licking on them. By her breathing I could here she was hot. She pushed me back into the chair and lifted her skirt. My eyes nearly popped as there before me was the most beautiful full pussy I have ever seen. It was bald like a babies bottom with her clit just sticking out from its hood. My heart was racing as she grabbed my hand and guided it to her mound. She was dripping wet and her pussy lips was swollen with lust. I pulled her closer and my face was in her crotch. My tongue flicked over her pussy lips and in between her lips. I lightly let my tongue flick over her clit and could hear her breathing heavily. I buried my face and licked her clit up and down and around. Every now and then I would slip my tongue into to her wet pussy. She grabbed my head as she came with a shudder and I could taste her womanly juices flowing out of her.

She pushed me back and got on top of my raging hard on. She rode me for about 2 minutes. The tears was rolling over her cheeks. I couldn't hold back any longer and told her I was about to cum. She pushed down on me and I had a massive explosion inside her. We both were out of breath and she sat on my now softening cock kissing me on the mouth. She thanked me for helping her. She got off and i fixed her clothes. I fixed mine and she came and laid her head against my shoulder and fell asleep.

We got back to the airport and her dad was waiting for her. He thanked me for the help as he didn't know what else to do. She turned to me and kissed me on the cheek thanking me again. They drove off in her dads car as I got into mine.

As I was driving home my thoughts wandered back to what happened on the plane. All I could do was smile and wait for the next phone call.