Written by Newguypmb

14 Jan 2016

Well as I am in the personal security business I have had some nicer experiences with some of my clients. Here is one of them.

Was winter of 2007 when my phone rang. The company I do work for had a client that was looking for someone to escort them to Dubai. I arranged a meeting and went to see them. As I drove up their driveway I could see money was not an option as they had a double storey house with a four door garage. One door was open with a Ferrari standing inside. I rang the bell and heard footsteps coming towards the door. The door opened and in front of me stood this gorgeous 5 ft woman with long black hair and sporty figure. She had green eyes and was about 50 years old. She invited me in and as she was leading me to the lounge I couldn't help but notice her cute ass swaying as she walked.

Her husband came in and was a 6'4 man, also very sporty looking and well dressed. We discussed their plans and what they wanted from me. As we were talking I couldn't help but notice his wife giving me the look over. I'm not too small at 6'1 and 253 pounds. We arranged the date and from where we would fly to Dubai. As I said, they had money and a private jet was arranged.

We left from Lanseria airport a week later and I had every last detail planned. Had organized a vehicle for Dubai and with one of my local contacts to meet us there. It's always better to have a local that knows the layout of a country with you. Now Wakim was a muscular guy that has worked with me in the past and I trusted him, he would be our driver.

The whole flight my clients kept staring at me and whispering to each other, I started to feel bit self conscious. We landed in Dubai and sorted the papers and luggage. He would have a meeting for a day and then the wife wanted to do some shopping. We greeted Wakim and left for the hotel as they were tired after the flight. The following morning Wakim would take the husband to his meeting and I had to stay with the wife as she wanted to wait at the hotel. After they left she called me and asked me about myself. Was weird as clients don't usually talk to us a lot. After about three hours or so the husband returned and we went to do some shopping. The wife wanted some clothes and jewelry so we visited some of the guys Wakim knew. They must have spent about 250k that day. After a few more days of shopping and site seeing it was time to return.

As we left Dubai the wife came and sat next to me, I was supprised as they don't do that. She brushed against my leg and asked me have I ever had sex on a plane before. I looked at her with amazement as I said, no I haven't. She started to loosen my belt and my shirt, all the while her husband was sitting watching us. She took out my cock, which was rock hard by then, and started going down on me. I cupped her breast and could feel they were firm. I closed my eyes as the sensations I was feeling was overwhelming. What I didn't realise was that her husband got up and was beside her. She let go of my cock and I could feel someone else going down on me. As I opened my eyes I saw that it was her husband. She was getting undressed and was rubbing herself. The husband let go and his wife came and straddled me. My cock slid up her wet cunt and I could feel she was trained well. Her pussy muscles contracted as she rode me up and down. Her husband got naked and came and stood next to us. I grabbed hold of his cock that was about 9 inches and started to suck. We went on for about 5 minutes and he told me he was about to cum. He shot his load on his wife's breasts and I could feel I was close to shooting my load in his wife. I told her I was close but she kept riding harder and harder, I could hear and feel her orgasm and I shot my load inside her. She got off and to my amazement her husband started to lick my cum out of her dripping pussy.

We got dressed and they were smiling ear to ear. I never asked them what or why. We landed at Lanseria and I took them home. When we offloaded all their luggage and it was time to say goodbye, the wife gave me a hug and a kiss and said thanks for a nice trip. As I drove back home I knew this would be one of those memorable trips. I had a few more friendly clients after this but that's another story.