Written by boredguy74

16 Jan 2015

Well let me start own a landscaping business and maintenance business I got a new client on the westrand in one of the upmarket estates. I would say she is about my age 40 or 41. We stated working at her place and after a few weeks se became allot more chatty and friendly.She has a fantastic body smallish tits and very nice body...This particular day we where working I was staying on her patio by the pool and it was very hot day ...she came outside and had a glass of coke in her hand and she says to me here its so hot I thought you might enjoy it..she said come let's sit under the patio.i followed her and we sat down down on the couch outside...We chatted for a bit talking about business and life...she was wearing a floral dress sleeveless.....We started talking about different people and she asked if I ever had fun with any of my clients....Wow I didn't expect that I told her no but joked there is always a first time for everything..next thing she says to me do I find her sexy .. I sipped hard on my coke I said for sure you are hot. We said to me come sit next to her ..I moved over to her before I sat down she grabbed my now very hard cock and she pulled my pants and undies down and before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth...she gave me the best blow job I've ever had... she stood up pulled me by my cock and said let's go to the room because I love to scream and don't want the neighbour to hear...went to the room I sat on the bed against the headboard she removed her clothes she had no panties or bra on Oh my fuck she was perky and clean shaven..she stood on the bed and shoes her pussy on to my tounge... I tounge and finger fucked her at the same time fuck her juices tasted so good she was so wet ....I could hear her moaning and telling me to fuck her more .....she pulled away from me and lay bent over and told me to fuck her pussy from behind I inserted my cock once the condom was on..and i entered her and I fucked her deep and hard my balls where slapping her ass ....she was screaming and moaning telling me to fuck her harder.....my cock went so deep into her pussy she screamed she is cumming we came together..We lay cuddling together for a bit ...We had a shower together kissing and holding each other.....We now fuck a few times a month......