Written by Lovers33

25 Apr 2012

Many years ago, I was living the life of a high profile career girl, in the Capital of sex , Amsterdam. I worked hard and played even harder. I loved my life, had met a great man (South African believe it or not). Unfortunately, like some relationships, I found the sex mundane after a couple of months. Finding sex highly important to keep things going, I was honest with him about it. We tried many a new things, toys, and venues, but these too became a “job”, so as to not let the other one down.

He felt it too. After a normal day at work, I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to go home and relax. I got a call from him just as I was stepping out of work and asked me to meet him in the famous forest in Amsterdam. Sadly, my first thought was *#($U# NO. After much persuasion I reluctantly agreed to meet him there, thinking nothing more than a picnic and champagne would be awaiting me.

I arrived half an hour later at the destination that he was to meet me at. Surprisingly he kissed me very passionately and forcefully. Something a bit out of character for him (not that he wasn’t, just not expected from him out of the blue). In these few seconds he had managed to blindfold me and was leading me backwards, all the while kissing me. I felt something hard behind me, which turned out to be a big tree. My hands were bound behind my back, so that they were fastened around the trunk of the tree. I was shocked and to be honest a little scared. What the hell was he doing to me and why? I tried talking to me but he just shushed me.

Then there was nothing. I heard him walking away. He came back later and told me to drink from a glass. Turned out to be champagne (but not drunk the way I had thought the afternoon would pan out). He refilled the glass and ordered me to drink again. Moments later he walked away again. Not long after I heard someone again. Before I knew what was happening, I felt something between my legs. Hell, it was a tongue (note that I never wore panties and had an a skirt, which he told me I looked nice in, that very morning , mentioning that I should wear it today lol). It sure as hell wasn’t his, you know after being with someone for a while. I stood rigid and confused but slowly started to relax. An expert hand started to play with my clit while they still licked and nibbled me. The persons other hand had started to play with my tits through my cloths. I was really starting to enjoy this, and was reluctantly coming closer to an orgasm. I just wanted my hands back and said as much to whomever this was. Within seconds my hands were free, yet I still stood there with my legs apart and this “person” between them. As per my normal ways I put my hand down on this persons head, to guide there tongue to where I wanted it, only to find a full head of long hair. I took my blind fold off to a stunning blonde girl that looked up at me with a massive grin on her face. She lay me down and continued with her task in between my legs. I was shocked. Sure I had been with woman before at drunken parties where things tended to get out of hand. I scanned around for Mark, who was leaning against another tree, watching with great pleasure.

I watched her head and hands the whole time, she was enjoying herself. I couldn’t help my first orgasm as it seemed to almost catch me unaware. She licked it all up and kissed me so that I could taste myself. She whispered that her name was Claire. She guided my hand under her skirt, she seemed to also agree with the law of no panties. My fingers instantly found her wetness. She was soaking. Her hand on mine she showed me how she wanted me to thrill her. Funny but instinct kicks in and I soon found myself between her legs. She was beautiful in all ways. She was soon bucking under my face.

Mark was behind me now and he guided himself into me with ease. We must have been a sight for sore eyes, as there are a number of people that walk their dogs etc. in the forest. No less than 50 people must have watched us. Mark rode me like he never had before. Soon I was crying out, I thought that he was going to rip me in half. All three of us climaxed at the same time, Marks cum running over my arse, it seemed like gallons. Soon we were all dressed and sipping champagne.

This occurred a number of times, at the most unexpected times. I never knew when they would happen as months might go by and nothing would happen. When I asked Mark about it, he would shut off. We soon all became fast friends. Sadly nothing came of my relationship with Mark as I meet someone new and exciting, her name was Claire