Written by James_Damons

29 May 2014

So, a while back I was invited to this wedding down in dbn. At the time I was seeing this girl from Joburg. So had a baby from previous relationship so we took her mother with so she can do baby sitting for us while we at the wedding. We stayed in a B&B was not the best arrangement so it was kind off open plan. Anyway at the reception, already I think both of were as horny as you can get so I started telling her about this plan I have. That we will stop somewhere on our way to the B&B on Jen it on the beach somewhere. So we got to this place we found but it was way to busy for our liking and we drove off. Anyway so we didn't find a nice place so we ended up going for a walk. On the beachfront, there that hornyness just came back. So there we were. I hugged her from behind and said to her lets do it here, her being a rarely shy girl, to my surprise said ok. So we tried doing there, but every time we would get going people would come past and the security was getting suspicious. So we ended up leaving. On our way to the B&B while I'm driving madam decides to give me a blow job, oh man that felt good. Anyway we were at the B&B to quick for my liking. Anyway so I drove past trying to find a secluded spot. But nothing. All of this while both of us were super horny. So I pulled over to the side of the road, she jumped onto of me riding me like crazy. I don't know how many cars drove past I only saw one, but there was no turning back. (I forgot to tell you that the car we were in belonged to a friend as mine was in accident not long before that.) so when we were done we drove off got to the B&B kid and her mom sleeping we decided to take a shower. Both of us still very horny. Just looking at here getting undressed in the shower made me so horny again, I said to her lets do it again. Which we did, didn't las very long before both of us came again.so we showered and straight to bed after that.