Written by Petepleaser

13 Aug 2015

My wife and I and some friends went out to watch the rugby at a local pub, things started off slow as we knew it's gonna be a looooong night.

With our hectic lives we cherish the moments going out and letting our hair down.

After the rugby we continued having a ball, drinking good wine, dancing and just enjoying ourselves. As the night progressed I became so horny and was looking to have an experience of note!

I started by whispering in my wife's ear how much I would like to fuck her right now, and at first she was game, thinking we would be home soon and we can let it go!

Soon she realized that I wanted to do it NOW, here!!!

At first she did not want to, what if we get caught, that was my cue to take control, I said I don't give a shit who sees what, I want you and I want you now!!!

After about half an hour and some more convincing and mind fucking she agreed!!! Her words "meet me in the last cubicle" - game on!!!

I gave her 2 minutes, then I walked in like a boss - if there was a lady there I would just say "excuse me ma'am I have a job to do." At that stage I was so horny I did not gave a hoot who said what!!!!

I walked into the the toilet cubicle she was waiting in. I could see it in her eyes she wanted my dick inside her!!

We started off by kissing passionately. I lifted her top and bra without loosening it and sucked her bare tit against the bathroom wall. I was hard already, she loosened my pants and I did hers.

I turned her around and she bent over, her pussy wet already waiting for me!!! We where both so hot and horny.

I started off slow and and long with my dick as hard as it could be. I fucked her harder, I think I heard someone one using the bathroom but we just didn't care, we were in the moment, connected, and so horny we fucked and both came together. We felt dirty, we felt horny and most of all sooooo pleased and relaxed.

We went back as if nothing had happened, danced the night away, got home and fucked again. This was an absolutely amazing experience! Next time you must come watch us, LOL!! Thank you my hot wife for an awesome birthday present!!!