Written by Goddard81

13 Sep 2016

Every weekend there is a braai at my house if i am in town, Well this past saturday i had a braai like normal,

A few friends came over and the fire is going and we all having a good time my mates girlfriend asks if her brother and his wife can join us i agreed and they came over .

when they got there they brought a bottle of jagermeister as a thank you for letting them come over. i couldnt keep my eyes of the woman damn she was hot. anyway i thank them show them where everything is and put the Jager in the freezer. we all procceed to go outside and talk some crap while we wait for the fire. i still couldnt keep my eyes off this woman. i try not make moves on friends family as it causes problems. i start getting hard and walk back into the house.

As i prep the meat she comes in and asks if she can help i said sure get the jager out and pour some shots. as she stands on her tippy toes to get the shot glasses i see her tights/leggings get sucked up her pussy and it looks great, fuck my hardon is back. she looks down and sees me looking. she smiles gets the glasses out and start to pour shots she leaves her pants as they are. shee gets the shots ready to take out i remind her that she has a camel toe and dont think she should go out.

She then tell me to fix her pants as she is holding the shot glasses. i dont need to be asked twice to help a lady in need and start to move her pants around after not much luck i pull down her pants with the idea of pulling them up but i saw her wet pussy and it looked so good i just couldnt help my self and started to lick it she parted her legs so i can start to lick her clit as i slid my fingers into her dam she got wet even more next thing i know she starts having an orgasm right there. not to be out done I turn her around so we have a few of the door and slide my hard cock into her. i start to ride her hard no mercy just pure lust.

I see shadows near the door i know someone is coming but it felt so good i wasnt going to stop. i fucked her even harder. i can feel my balls getting ready damn i tell her i am going to come she tells me to come inside her. i fuck her even harder and i come deep inside her i pull out and pull up her pants she goes outside with the drinks and her husband walks in the smell of sex still in the air.

After everyone left i get a msg saying that her husband loved fucking her with my cum still inside her. and hope they get invited to the next braai