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22 Nov 2016

Fun in the car


1 minute read

I recently met a lovely lady who was watching me cam and we hit it off straight away, started chatting and I realised that her sex drive was extremely high. We cammed a few times but struggled to get full satisfaction. So we finally decided to meet. We decided that I would pick her up from her house, I pulled up feeling fairly nervous but was easy calmed when I saw her waiting for me. She jumped in and was fairly quiet I think she was pretty nervous too. We drove to a park near her place, found a secluded area. After chatting for a while she said that her boyfriend was going to be back soon, we started the car but ended back in our same parking space, I decided to pull out my cock, the look on her face made me even harder, you could definitely see she wanted it. I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing cock, she started to stroke it, I unzipped her jeans and started playing with her clit. Her head tilting back, closing her eyes moaning. She lent over and started sucking my cock. Wow I was in heaven. She said we had to leave, I started the car my cock still out, she wanted me too cum, I drove slowly back to her place while she was moving her hand up my shaft and playing with my head, I told her I was close,she was straight over on My side sucking my again, I couldn't help it and exploded everywhere, I dropped her off just before her bf got back. Wow I think it's time that i give her a good fuck!

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