Written by redrose

12 Nov 2013

I am laying in the bath, the warm water lapping against my pussy making soft gentle movements against her, it begins to turn me on. I move my legs so the water laps once again against my pussy, a moan escapes my mouth as my hands stroke my breasts, circling my nipples until they harden.

Using my toes gently I pull the chain that's connected to the plug, allowing water to run out. Once I feel that my pussy is exposed to the cold air I replace the plug and reach for the hand held shower head, I turn it on, not to hard but just enough pressure that can excite me when I used it to clean my pussy. I move it closer to her, my legs over the sides of the bath, opening her up beautifully.

The rush of the warm water against my open pussy and clit is so heavenly that I move the shower head close. I can feel the pulsating water massaging my clit, I start to move my hips up to meet the source of the warm water. As I make contact I apply a bit more pressure and the head slides so easily into my cunt.

I start to move the shower head up and down inside me. The pressure of the warm water is becoming too much for me. I turn the tap on a bit more instantly I feel the increased pressure inside me, I involuntary cry out aloud and start fucking myself with the head, turning it around inside to enhance my please. I feel the warm water rushing inside me and gushing out of me as my excitement increases. My nipples are standing erect, my body starts to tremble and suddenly without warning I climax my own juices flowing out of me with the warm water. I moan aloud and my body jerking as I climax. After I have my body under control I switch the water off as I

remove the shower head I hear a slight suction noise. I dip the shower head into the bath and clean it before hanging it onto its hook. I pull the plug and climb out the bath, smiling to myself I commence with drying my body off.