Written by James_Damons

20 Oct 2011

I have been wanting to try this for a while in joburg. And i've seen a lot of ads and numbers around joburg.I have responded to a whole lot, but all with no success.Until that night.It was not to long ago when i met a white couple in Montecasino. I was watching the rugby standing next to this lady. I knew she was married cause i saw her husband chatting to her and hitting her ass etc. Anyway, while we were watching rugby we started chatting and was quite nice. Later her husband came around and i was introduce. She walked away with him for a while and then later she came back and she wispered in my ear asking if i wanna get together for some fun.Initially i though she was joking, but could see she was serious. So we finished the rugby her husband spoke to her and asked me, if i'm. I said well, why not. So we left to their hotel room. She took her clothes of right there and went for her shower. Her husband went to buy drinks, so by the time he got bed she was out of the shower and lying on the bed. He was still watching another rugby on TV when she told me to take off my clothes. At first i was a bit uncomfortable with him, but he could care less. He took his clothes and she was playing with both of us. The game was finish and she starting sucking me while he was taking her doggy style. We made turns to take her doggy, while she would suck the other. She then did a cowgirl with him while playing with my d... and man i was so horny. Then it was with her on top of man. Then she said, i have never been with a coloured and i just burst out laughing. I must she was so wet, and i don't think i have ever been ridden like that it was great. Then her husband took her from behind and it wasn't long before both of they came and he shed his while she was licking him off. I thought she was done. She told me to take her and i obliged. I was hitting her from behind not very long until i came as well so i ripped the condom off and squirted all over her back. When we were done, we were just lying on the bed with her playing with both of us. They asked me to stay the night, but i could not. Wow, i wish i could have more opportunities like that!