09 Aug 2017

This is an exciting part of our journey. We had to go up the coast to Cape Town to help a family member. So we decided to make a long weekend of it. Thursday morning we were packed and ready to go. But the few days before we left I made contact with some of the people on the site so we could meet. Not many were available that weekend so we decided to play it on the go.

The night before we left I asked one of the men i talk too regularly in the Chat room, how the swingers club in their area was. As I have been told that is quite awkward to go alone. He gave me some info but offered to go with us and show us the ropes. Hubby thought he was just smart. *Andrew called me the day we left and asked if it would be ok to bring a lady with , *Liza is a married lady playing alone but has only met him on the site so far as she was very picky and cautious. But he said she has never been to the swing club and was also curious to go. My answer was off course as that was in my opinion a unicorn. He said he would ask her permission to send me a picture of her and then we can decide as he has arranged to meet us first.

I was so excited to have a lady attend that i phoned hubby just to check in with him. He laughed and said no this guy just wants to make sure that we meet him. So next *Andrew sends me the pictures of *Liza. Dear God she is hot. She has a perfect body really long legs and perfect breasts. So extremely excited i forward the pictures to hubby. Bull Shit. No way was his reply.

As we drove the 700Km he still said that he believes this guy just wants to make sure we meet. He said that once we get to the restaurant the guy will say she could not make it. I did not want to argue as anything is possible. But that is not the vibe I got from this man to play games.

We reached our destination and got dressed and off we went. My nerves were quite shot as this would be the first time we went to a swingers club. In the mean time Mr B also sent a message and asked if we could meet at our hotel at 9am for some fun. I gave only one reply. “Show up with strong coffee and a hard throbbing cock.” His.. “That i can do” Mine “Forget the coffee”

We walked into the restaurant and *Andrew stood up to approach us. As he stepped aside *Liza was at her feet also. What a vision!!!!!!! My husband back tracked as he was clearly shocked. She blew him away at hello. She was gorgeous and easy going in her manner. As *Andrew and I have been talking for quite some time we connected easy and had some nice chats and all round laughs.

We left the restaurant and went off to the club. It was quite an eye opener and weird as we saw quite another side of the lifestyle... The club scene was not for us that night. Hubby mentioned that we could go to our hotel as it was big had 2 rooms and wine. We knew *Andrew was coming with as he made it quite clear. He is not overly flirty but has his own way.

Being at the club and seeing so many people live out their fantasies made us all round horny. To our surprise Liza asked to join and hubby was in a rush to leave the club. We all filled our glasses and sat around and chatted some more. Hubby started to rub his hand up and down my leg. Getting me quite aroused. I decided to shower and change into something more comfortable. Liza explained that she did not bring anything as she did not expect to play. Well I had more than enough to go round. I offered her the pick of the crop. She decided on a red lace outfit and her breasts were exposed. I went with black lace and we paraded for the men. Well they did not move or say anything for a moment. My husband was at his feet first. Not sure where to start he grabbed me and kissed me till my toes curled. Liza did not waste any time and started to suck on *Andrew’s now exposed hard throbbing cock. As he started to growl i slid my hands over his back and kissed his back lightly. As he motioned my way, Liza asked if i would mind if she and my husband went into one of the rooms. She was not yet comfortable all in one room. Well no problem from my side and off they went. I mentioned to Andrew that we could go into the other room. As we entered the room he spun me around and pushed me flat on the bed. He lifted my legs and started to slowly lick my clit getting me wet and ready. I do love it when a man knows how to perform a good mind fucking oral. As we were only in the next room I could hear that Lisa was clearly enjoying whatever was being done at that moment. For some reason the sound of that aroused me even more. By this time my body was shaking with an orgasm building up and finding its way right down to my body and leaving me wet throbbing and wanting. But I always return the favour by sucking him off and hearing the moans of a man. I have to admit i do get great joy from looking up and seeing that almost blank look some men get when they are totally focused on what you are doing to them at that point. He had my hair in a pony in his hand and trusted deeper into my mouth. The next moment he flipped me over and his head was once again between my thighs. Eating away all the moist that the pleasure of pleasing him has left me with. With quite a fast movement he had a condom on and was ready. From the room next door the sounds became loud. Knowing that both were at full play and enjoying it. I saw it in my mind and was way past throbbing.

He entered me slowly and asked if i was still ok. And i was. He was sensual and gentle exploring every inch and curve my body has. That combined with the hard banging sounds from next door was driving me wild...... Needless to say i came over and over when he did with one last thrust. I love that aaaaaaaah that escaped his mouth. Pushing my pelvis into his as hard as i could. Then that pure moment of bliss when his body drops to mine, and just random words escaped his mouth in a mutter but it sounded good and laced with satisfaction.

We went back to the lounge and got some liquid back into our bodies. (Most needed). After some time hubby and Lisa joined us. Hubby took a good swig of his drink. He was flushed and had the look of a well fucked man..... Lisa fell to the couch and that is the first time i heard a crude word escape her mouth. Fuck it!!!!!!!!!! I laughed as i knew his nick was not Duracell for nothing.

Next moment hubby had me to my feet and demanded i put my heels back on and pulled me towards the room. He kissed me to a place where angels float. I love those long hard and laced with lust kisses.....

He pushed me down on the bed with almost a demon look and a faint smile. He went down on me and tongue fucked my pussy till i begged him to fuck me. Teasing my cunt with the tip of his cock i went insane. The next moment he trusted so deep and hard into me that i believe i caught my breath for quite some time. In the back ground i heard the noise of Andrew and Lisa entering our room... Lisa asked if she could watch as Andrew tickled my arm as I was going through a full blow orgasm, I believe i only read about. Hubby slid down and kissed me on my wet, red and swollen lips. As he turned round Lisa had her lips round his cock and i heard his deep and wild groan. I think seeing that made me cum again.....

Now Lisa did not want to move and we all played right there till 5 Am that morning.....

What a night / morning it was..... That was the day i new i just loved seeing my husband at peak performance with another crazy insane sexy women.

As I was awoken by the smell of coffee and a nudge...... I protested and needed more sleep. Hubby reminded me I had one hour before Mr. B arrived. He was fully erected again and pushed himself against me..... fuck you are insane was all I could say.... Come on baby shower get dressed and get your play on.

That i did.... Not repeating a story again.... Duracell and Mr. B are one good combination.... They sure now how to leave a women satisfied in all elements..... That I was... Now i could get some well needed rest. Or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!