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Fun in a small town


3 minute read

Well, as it seems like some people are reading what I have to tell.....Lets tell another story then.... Sorry if the tenses and all the wording isn't correct...I am after all a boertjie.... So my friend and I have a couple of fantasies that we want to help each other with ...It sounds as a cliche but we are pushing the boundaries of the lifestyle and exploring with it all. So she tells me that she has chatted with a girl in our small town that is interested in some ffm play . My friend is curios about this and would like to have some action with a girl...and well then I get my piece of the cake as well. So we make a plan to meet this girl at our local "coffee shop".... We agreed to meet at 9:00 am , well and after waiting for minutes we decided its not gonna happen...Well that did not stop us waiting the room that she has booked for our 3 some was still there to be used. Within minutes we arrived at our "fucknest". As we entered I flung her around....almost christian grey style(lol) So we start kissing and feeling each others bodies advantage is my length...... So I take my clothes of within seconds and get her undressed..... She pushes me onto the bed...I only then realize that she brought a small bag with her...Yes you guessed it...bag of toys.... As said we both have some hidden fantasies...she then takes my hard on slowly in her hand as I lie on the bed...watcjing her she takes me in her mouth and starts sucking on jnr....and then slowly proceed to my balls as well.... I just layed there and closed my eyes in awe ...then I feel she stopped and moved away from me!!! And she tells me in the most soft voice...relax I will get something for us.... So to my surprise she brings this mine vibrator to the bed...Then she sucks me even harder and now and then uses her teeth on my tip of my dick....Just as I close my eyes again I hear the vibrator going on.... I then realized...its not for her but for me....and starts with it from my tip to my sack....then slowly moving down.... She then gently moves it into my anus....and then starts playing with me and sucking me.... The first time that someone was playing there with me and it felt great!!!! I had to stop her midway as it was getting to intense for me.... I then grabbed her and pulled her ontop of me.... She started fucking me slowly and built the rhythm up slowly.... I then stopped her just before me shooting my load into her....I moved her onto the bed on her back and started fucking her slowly but hard..... She then took her other vibrator on played with it whilst I was building up the rhythm ...I could feel that her legs was busy tightening their grip around my waist and that she was going to cum within seconds...THEN it happened...both of us cumming at the same time....Sweat dripping from my forehead I got up and got us both a towel...and we then collapsed in each others arms... This almost repeated it self for the next 2 hrs again..... As told in my previous story the videos of our adventures will be posted , unfortunately my network on site is to slow to do it so watch out for our videos as they come up...We have a lots of boxes that we still need to get ticked...and this will be shared with all of you people...

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