Written by Vernon

27 Nov 2017

Please note this is my first story

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It's Black Friday and I get a message, meet me at the mall at a restaurant. I get there before you do and find a nice booth for us to sit, just a little bit private as you arrive with a red top black skirt stockings and stelettos . You walk to me and kiss me deeply then sit opposite me. As the waiter goes to get our drinks I feel your foot on my lap, slowly stroking me hard you know how I love feet its my weakness and you taking advantage of it. The waiter is back with drinks but still you keep stroking me I'm going crazy I want you on this table right now. You inform me that your pussy is wet and you not wearing your G string. we finish our drinks then you tell me to follow you and like a horny school boy I walk behind you, you lead me to the family restrooms in the mall lock the door lift your skirt and tell me to fuck you, I don't need a second infatuation drop my pants and straight into your sweet wet pussy. Building towards climax as we hear the door mall security comes in, I bribe them to leave us but they insist we leave the mall as I walk you to the car we both still want and need each other.........

To be continued if there are a worthwhile response