28 Dec 2017

So I'm sitting here home alone and thought I'd treat myself to some porn and a bit of a wank. While searching for some good material I came across this site,and some of the stories! Dont know how real some of they are,but I see there is a FACT option when telling your story,so that what I chose! LoL! I've had quite a few adventures when I was younger,but not anymore unfortunately.

I will put up more of my past experiences when I have time so I guess I'll start with this one.

So I was very good friends with this married couple,a few years older than me, knew them for years,but they sadly moved to the UK and it was not friendly parting....

So we were into threesomes and one Sunday in summer we went out for some mountain biking (love the outdoors and hot days!) After our ride we had some drinks and had a lunch and when we were good and tipsy loaded up and went home. So most Sundays were our fun days,but in the car already I knew this was going to be a good one!

In the car my friends wife (Cindy) started playing with Rob's (HER HUSBAND,MY FRIEND) cock. He reclined and let her take him out and wank him off. I did not wait on myself started groping her from the back seat. Soon enough she managed to have both our cocks out. Parking up at home we covered our hardons just enough for prying eyes and rushed inside,once inside the clothes went flying.

She was on her knees and sucking us both and rubbing our hard sweaty cocks over each other ( WE USED TO DO BI TO POINT OF SUCKING AND WANKING EACH OTHER ) I went in for tit fucking while she was sucking of Rob,She had wonderfull full c-cups with lovely peachy nipples and they were both in excellent shape,real gym buddies. Rob wanted to get his cock ( AND IT WAS VERY GOOD THICK ONE,NOT ABNORMAL BIG,JUST GOOD) in between those tits so I kneeled behind her and pushed her breasts together for him to slide his cock in there.

Cindy was working my cock and balls behind her and I let Rob take over pushing her boobs together and started rubbing her hot sticky pussy. The way she was grinding my hand and moaning I could tell from past experience with her she wanted to be eaten,I lay down underneath her and started tonguing her pussy. She opened up like a flower in bloom with her clitoris exposing itself from its hood.After a bit of this and her sucking Rob's cock she got up and went to the couch,bent over and demanded to be fucked,Robert took up the reins and I sat down in front of her and she started sucking and jerking my cock while moaning as Rob fucked her.

I absolutely loved eating her pussy so I slid in underneath her 69 style and licked her clit and Rob's balls while he pummeled her, every now and then he would pull out and I would suck his cock,tasting Cindy's sweet sweaty juices on him.

We were always really into double penetration so I sat up and she sat down on my hard cock while Rob went for her ass. This is when the fucking got intense and it's a bit of a blurr. I remember our cocks sliding over each others and we both positions a few times each inturn taking one of her openings.We were close to cumming and she liked being cummed on,she loved the idea of bukakke,but not all the guys.....me and Rob jerked ourselve off onto her breasts as she squeezed them together,rubbing cum all over herself like a real porn slut.

We didnt clean up or put our clothes back on, (SHE LOVED TO BE COVERED IN CUM AND WE WERE NAKED ALL THE TIME WHEN IN THEIR HOUSE) we sat for a while and had a few more drinks.

The rest of the day we had some one ones while the other watched and she always loved watching me and Rob wanking and sucking each off.

Evening came and was time to go home for me until we played again

Miss those days!