03 Dec 2016

I was nervous as I walked in the restaurant. "Here goes" I muttered to myself as I walked up. This was my first time meeting Tim and Laura in person. We had exchanged messages and photos on SH. I sat down. I could tell Laura was a little nervous. She smiled. "It's alright", she said. "Let's see where this goes".

Tim changed the subject. We talked about our occupations. Tim was a local contractor, and Laura was a nurse. We had a ton in common. We ate lunch and had a drink to ease the tension. I looked at Laura with lust. She was hot. Tim was average. Laura slid over to me in the booth. "You ready?" I smiled and nodded. "Yep". We paid our bill and walked out.

I followed the couple to their house. I parked right behind them in the driveway. I walked up as the door was still open. Tim smiled closing the door- "Laura went to freshen up". I had butterflies. Laura walked out completely naked. She began to undress me. She stood on one side, and Tim stood on the other side. Both her and Tim alternated kissing me passionately from each side. I immediately began noticing my cock was the hardest it has been in months. I moaned. "Damn". I couldn't help but be turned on.

By this time Tim was naked too. Immediately, Laura took both of our cocks in her hand. She began rubbing them together and blowing them both in her mouth. Tim and I continued to exchange kisses as Laura works our cocks. Tim reached behind me touching my ass. Thereafter, Laura reached behind me, and slid two fingers in my ass. "On God" I moaned. This was amazing.

Tim pulled away for a moment. He motioned for me to take his cock with the help of Laura. Laura just smiled at me as I grabbed a hold of Tim's cock. Tim moaned. We walked towards the bedroom. I climbed on the bed, and continued to suck Tim's cock. I pulled Tim onto my body in a 69 position. He grabbed my cock in his hand, and we were blowing each other. "Holy Shit" I muttered almost muffled with Tim's cock in my mouth. Laura began playing with my balls, and was sliding her fingers in my ass. I noticed Laura's fingers appeared to be slippery. She was sliding lube in my ass. I knew what was next.

Tim climbed off. I could tell just before he climbed off, that he was ready to blow. I could taste his pre-cum on my lips. Laura pulled me toward her. She sat on the bed against the headboard as I layed half on her lap. Tim climbed in front of me, and I instinctively lifted my ass up. I knew what was coming. Tim slid in slow. His 8 inch cock pushed into my ass.

"Ooohhhh!" I groaned. Tim pushed at a slow pace. Suddenly, my ass started giving way. Eventually Tim was pounding me. All the while I lay against Laura. Laura leaned over me passionately kissing me. I kissed her back as I took the pressure and pain. I began moaning in ectasy uncontrollably. He pounded harder and harder. I felt it. His cock grew by leaps and bounds. He burst inside of me.

We took a break as he was tired. I continued making out with Laura. I started playing with Laura. Tim took over and began eating his wife's pussy as I watched. My cock grew harder. I grabbed the lube on the dresser, and covered Tim's asshole in lube. I grabbed his hips, and began fucking his ass with wild abandon. I reached underneath and stroked his cock as I worked him over. It was getting hard again. I fucked. And I fucked. And then I blew up.

We went to sleep after a few minutes. Jim later woke up to me fucking Laura extremely hard. He just smiled and went back to sleep. We sucked and fucked all afternoon into the early evening.