Written by Riverside Fun

28 Oct 2015

We’ve probably known each other for about three years now. The very first time I met her, she was butt naked! A male friend who I had met soon after joining SH invited me to join them for a threesome. He had met up with her somehow, although she was on SH as the female in a “married but not to each other” couple. They had arrived at the “room for the day” venue before I did, had booked in, and had disrobed and started playing a bit while waiting for me to arrive. I let them know when I got to the venue, they gave me the room number, and when I knocked at the door, she opened it, half hiding behind the door, but absolutely starkers! We “clicked” immediately, and I soon got rid of my clothes too, and the three of us had fun together for the next few hours.

After that, she and I played on our own a few times. She was playing alone and as part of her “SH couple” because she was getting nothing at home. But then her husband developed cancer, and became progressively sicker, and then tragically passed away. Throughout the time of his illness, and also after his passing, I stayed in occasional contact with her, just as a concerned friend. Understandably, she was very distressed, and we agreed that play between us would be inappropriate, given her circumstances.

Meanwhile, I had met a new male friend who lived in her area, and during our numerous discussions had also told him about her. And he said he was keen to meet her, when the time was right for her.

Probably six months or so after her husband passed away, I let her know one day that I was in her area, and she invited me around for a cup of tea. It was the first time we had seen each other in more than a year. But still we kept it purely platonic, genuinely, I just had a cup of tea. The next time I was in the area, I again let her know, and again she invited me to come around for tea. By this time she was feeling emotionally stronger, and she initiated the first play that we had had in a long time. She didn’t want to be touched, but she sat at my feet and opened my fly and took out my cock, and gave me a gentle and loving blowjob.

Since then, our play tempo has picked up, as she is feeling progressively more comfortable with moving on. We’ve since had a couple of very pleasant sessions on our own over the past few months.

After a while, I told her about my friend wanting to meet her. I explained that he likes watching, and I like watching, and we believe that together in a threesome we can enhance her experience. She agreed to meet him, and so we stopped off one day at his place of work, where I briefly introduced them to each other. We chatted together for a few minutes, but then he had to go back to work, and she and I went off for another play date, leaving him to imagine and fantasise about what we were up to.

She said she would be keen to get to know him better, but initially in a vanilla way, before she could commit to allowing another man into her private space – up to now I am the only one that she has had any intimate physical contact with, after having had absolutely nothing for more than a year since the start of her late husband’s illness. She said she didn’t know how far she would be prepared to go – she would only know at the time if the chemistry felt right – she feels she needs another “click” to happen, she does not want to jump into bed with just anyone, before she might accept my friend as another play partner.

So we set up our arrangement. He could take off an hour or two from work, we would collect him from his office, and we would go and have lunch somewhere, some place where we could talk in private, probably talk a bit naughty, maybe even get a bit “touchy feely” if the circumstances were right. And if things were really working out well between them, perhaps we could even go and rent a venue for an hour or two for the three of us! We would however play it by ear, depending on how the chemistry of the day worked out…

But she wanted more than just lunch from me! She asked if I could get to her place a bit before lunchtime, so we could have some private time alone before meeting up with my friend. She knows how much I love her blowjobs, and she said this time she wanted to allow me to come in her mouth, something we had never done before. She suggested that we go in her car rather than mine (hers has more space in the back seat than mine does, just in case!). I made the naughty suggestion that she wear a dress rather than her usual jeans!

I arrived at her place, parked my car, and was invited inside. And she was wearing a dress, a loose sundress with thin straps, and quite apparently no bra! I could hear the maid busy in the kitchen, so knew we were not alone. She got me something to drink, and as we sat drinking our tea in the lounge, with the maid just a couple of meters away in the kitchen, she gave me a big wink, spread her knees and lifted the skirt of her dress, to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties either! Wow!!

Tea finished, we set off in her car. She drove us past the local dogging site, but nothing of any interest was happening there. We headed off to the local riverside resort, where she bluffed our way past the gate guard, telling him we had a booking to stay there the following weekend, and just wanted to have a quick look around. We headed down to the boat launch area where things were very quiet, and found a nice shady tree to park under.

She leaned closer, and turned her head for me to kiss her, and at the same time spread her legs to give me easier access to her panty-less pussy. As we kissed, I fondled her boobs through the thin fabric of her dress, and then my left hand moved south, under her skirt, and found a wet and waiting pussy. She moaned with pleasure as I found her clit and started rubbing. She reminded me that the plan was actually for her to give me a blowjob, but I told her that could wait until after she had first cum, and continued caressing her clit, rubbing my fingers through her very wet slit, and gently finger-fucking her, and she soon came with a loud groan.

Then she wanted to repay the favour, but the large centre console was in the way and made things uncomfortable, and so it was time to move to the back seat. We looked around to see if anyone was watching, but the guys brush-cutting the grass were far away and seemingly oblivious to our presence. I was on the side closest to the river, left the car door open, and removed my pants. She stroked my dick gently, and then crouched over me and took me fully into her mouth and started the most wonderful blowjob, while I continued to play with her very wet pussy.

What a wonderful time that was! She took it slowly, knowing that if she rushed it, it would all be over much too soon for my liking! She licked along the underside of my shaft, while gently fondling my testicles. She took me into her mouth, allowing me to gently push in and out of her lips, running her tongue around the head. She nibbled playfully, mindful not to hurt in any way. She teased and loved the tip of my dick, and all the time the wonderful sensation was slowly building. I warned her when it was getting close to the point of no return, in case she wanted to change her mind, but she held me firmly and increased the tempo of her lips sliding up and down, and soon I could do nothing more than groan in delight as she brought me to my climax. Spurt after spurt, she kept her lips sealed around my helmet, moving her tongue around in a manner that just served to increase my ecstasy. It was a superb experience for me. When I had finished spurting, she reached for the wad of tissues that she had strategically placed ready to hand, and let my load dribble back out of her mouth into the tissues.

We kissed and cuddled for a bit, me tasting my own sperm on her tongue, and then it was time for me to put dick away, and get dressed again. I disposed of the tissues in the nearby dustbin, and we returned to our seats in the front of the car, checking to see if anyone had been observing us (none had!), and then drove back out, taking a quick detour through the rest of the resort, and thanked the gate guard for allowing us in for our “recce”.

Since I had arrived at her place, we had been trying to make contact with my friend, to confirm that we should come and pick him up for lunch, but his Whatsapp was offline, and we weren’t able to get hold of him. It seemed that he either had some problem, or else might have gotten cold feet about our meet-up arrangement, and so we decided to go off and find a place to have lunch without him. We tried numerous times to get hold of him, but he just did not respond to calls or messages.

Lunch was very slow being served, and by the time we were finished we decided that it wouldn’t be worth our while to go and rent a venue for the rest of the afternoon, as we had originally thought we might end up doing. The venue closest by was the more expensive one you rent for the whole day, and the one we could rent per hour was too far away to get to, and make it worth our while, in the time we still had available. She suggested that we just go back to her place for something more to drink, and then call it a day.

Back at her place, the maid was still busy. We had a quick glass of iced tea. But she was obviously still feeling very frisky!!...

She had recently bought another house very close to hers, where her daughter and son-in-law are going to be staying. At that time, she had just recently taken occupation and received the key. But they want to do some renovations before moving in, and so the house is currently standing empty. We had previously viewed the house from outside, but not been inside as she did not then have the key. She asked if I would perhaps like to have a look inside the house before I headed off. She didn’t say so, but I knew that this was our opportunity to have some more “private time” away from the maid.

We walked around the block to the empty house, and let ourselves in, locking the gates behind us. We walked through the house from the front lounge, and ended up in the main bedroom. There were no curtains in any of the other rooms, but there happened to be a sheet hanging at the window of the master bedroom! As we walked through the house, I had been looking to see if there was anywhere that we could perhaps be naughty, out of sight of prying neighbourly eyes. And here it was!

We stood in the empty master bedroom and embraced. We kissed, and I cupped one of her boobs though her sundress, while she reached down and started stroking my flaccid dick back to life. And lo and behold he responded! The embrace became more and more passionate, and soon I had my hand up underneath her dress, still with no panties to hinder my groping fingers.

We soon got to the point where we knew we were going to go all the way. But there was no bed, no cushions, no furniture at all, just a bare carpeted room with a sheet over the window…! But it was all we needed!

She reached down and undid my belt buckle, pushed my jeans and jocks down, freeing my erection. There was no need for any further stimulation for me! I was ready again! She sat down on the carpet, lay back and hitched up the skirt of her dress, once again exposing her bare, wet, waiting pussy, and beckoned me down on top of her. And I willingly obliged! She was so wet and waiting that there was no need for any additional lubrication, and my dick slipped easily into her pussy, and we started to fuck, just there in the middle of the floor where the bed should have been.

Because I had had such a large and exquisite orgasm already earlier that morning, and no longer being the youngster I once was, this second time around was going to last a whole lot longer than the first! And so it did… She quickly had an orgasm, without any clitoral stimulation from me, moaning so that I thought the neighbours might be inclined to want to come around to see what was happening in this supposedly empty house. And still I kept going!

After a while I was really feeling the roughness of the carpet on my knees, starting to feel like I was getting carpet burns, which detracted from my rhythm. I reached over and bunched my jeans up and used them to cushion my knees, and was able to get back to it! She had another loud orgasm, and then I felt my own building up. I came with a big shudder and a groan, fortunately this time around with much less ejaculate, but still enough for it to leak out of her pussy as I withdrew. We lay spent on the carpet, as my erection subsided, and then it was time to get up. Fortunately I had a handkerchief handy so that she did not leak evidence all over the carpet of her daughter’s bedroom!

She gave me a naughty look and asked “did you think this might happen when I asked if you wanted to look at the house?” I told her I knew it was what she wanted, and had been hoping it would happen! We washed up a bit in the bathroom, dressed and walked back to her house.

What had been meant to be a lunch-date so that she could get to know my friend a bit better, with only a very remote possibility of play, had turned into a very different and very special playdate for us instead. It’s a long time since either of us had played on the backseat of a car, also a long time since I had had such a wonderful blowjob, and then we had ended it off by being so naughty in her daughter’s new bedroom! Truly, a day for us to remember!!!