19 Oct 2016


Part one of a two part story. If there is enough interest we will publish the next episode. Please send us a message to our inbox.

This is a true short report about the experience we had 3 weeks ago at a local swingers/fantasy club in Gauteng. We are writing this recount of the events on that day together so that the story is more accurate and anyway to relive the day we had together.

The club has a hot pool, large club area, bar the change rooms and a voyeur’s room on the ground floor. A little way up the passage are some private rooms and the dark room. Up stairs is a lounge with some settees and a bed on the floor.

When we left home, Lyn was wearing a wide mini skirt, no panties with a top showing off her cleavage. The sexual tension was high and we couldn’t wait to get there. As usual, you cannot plan a visit to the club, you can only make use of any situation that arises.

For any of you who have taken the trouble to read our profile you will know that our main ‘deviations’ from normal ‘one on one’ sex are exhibitionism, voyeurism and girl on girl play. But we do not swap.

On this particular Wednesday we went to the club to enjoy a Day Time Fun party. These parties are usually free and easy, not that many people there, but a lot of intermingling takes place - social and sexual.

We sat down at the bar and proceeded to do some leg spreading exercises. (A few Gin and Tonics). We chatted to a few people who were there, then went to the change rooms to get undressed and wrap our towels around us.

The hot pool is fun, useful as a social area where everyone is naked and ideal for some straightforward exhibitionism and voyeurism. We hung up our towels and bailed into the pool before lunch. There were a few other people already there, chatting, laughing, and a few girls with their legs around their partners waists. You knew that they would be heading off to soon – to some part of the club for a fuck.

I started to play with Lyn’s tits, and running my fingers gently down her belly. Most of the other couples were doing much the same. I always enjoy watching other girls being fondled in public and even more so if I am able to see the effect they are having on the guy fondling them or on any of the other voyeurs who are watching. Watching their cocks grow turns Lyn on as well to the point of needing more than tit attention, she needs her cunt played with as well.

Apart from the couples in the pool there were, as usual, also a few single guys. I guess they had not able to hook up with any of the single girls who were there. The main objective for all of us at this point in time is really to show off as much of our ‘assets’ as possible, get attention and to increase the general sexual tension. It is usually a time that is a feast for any of the guy’s eyes, especially for the single guys. So many tits, of various shapes an sizes.

One of single gents was standing about 4 arm lengths away from us and seemed to be watching our activities more than anyone else’s. I looked down through the water and saw that his cock was hard, getting harder even as he watched us. In a whisper I pointed it out to Lyn. She of course had already noticed. We turned toward him a little so that he could see Lyn more clearly and she stood a bit taller in the water and wanted me to lift her tits further out of the water and play with her now hard nipples so he could see even more detail. I did and we saw how transfixed his eyes were on her tits, and how his eyes moved lower to see some clean-shaven cunt. He unashamedly stared. Guess what happened, yip, you guessed it, he started to gently play with his cock which was rock hard. We loved the sight and we all smiled at each other.

At this point we decided that this was a good time to cool down a bit so we told him we were going for lunch and that we would see him later, never dreaming that it would go any further. After all there were plenty of other people around to hook up with. We got out of the pool, put on our towels, and went to see what was for lunch.

On the way we decided that if this guy followed us we would introduce ourselves and see if he would make any moves on us.

Horror of horrors, even after we had dished up and were sitting down to eat he had still not followed us.

We were well into our meal when he did come into the dining area, dished up and sat quite some distance from us. There was no eye contact so we assumed that he was a non-starter. We would have to see who else was going to show any interest, a more ‘suitable’ candidate male, female or couple after lunch.

We finished lunch and headed out to the enclosed courtyard for yet another G&T and a smoke. We chatted a bit with the others then went back into the pool. There were quite a lot of people there so there were plenty of things to watch and to get ourselves noticed. Lyn sat on the side of the pool and I gave her a good tonguing and fingered her for all to see. Huge turn-on. She slid back into the pool so that I could play with her tits again and in walks the single guy who gets into the pool and resumes his position close to us. Mmm, what now?

This guy was a bit younger than we are and Lyn really fancied the look of him. So she struck up a conversation with him. I was really surprised because she is not usually the instigator of any contact, but you all know how it works, Ladies pussy, ladies rules, so I’m happy to go along with her. This whole thing seems to be going in an exciting direction. Not too long and the conversation starts to turn to sex.

It didn’t take too long and to my total surprise she introduces us and asks him whether he would like to feel her tits. This was a first. My cock twitched with excitement and Lyn could feel it in her back. She was really turned on, we all were. He had a wonderful time with her tits but there was one problem, he was standing in a position that prevented us from getting a good look at his hard-on. Perhaps he was shy, who knows, but Lyn quite blatantly asks him to show it to her. What could the guy do? He showed us. It was huge and rock hard.

I was playing with one tit and he with another. Lyn seemed to be very pleased with herself making him as hard as she had, just with her tits. She was now also getting more and more horny, she had that look in her eye.

Then came the tease. She touched his hard cock while he was playing with her tits. He could feel my hand slide down between them as I started to play wit her hot cunt. He asked if she would allow him a feel, but Lyn was having none of that. She told him that she might allow him to a bit later.

At this point we invited him to the bar to join us for a drink. He agreed so we put our towels on and went to the bar. We ordered another G&T (I don’t think Lyn needed any more leg spreading exercises but what the hell) and he had something else we don’t remember what it was. When our drinks arrived we told him that we were going to the upstairs lounge taking our drinks with us if he cared to join us.

He said he wanted to join us so we all went upstairs. Lyn and I sat on one settee and he was opposite us. He and I took off our towels, I spread mine out to cover the settee and he just sat on his. We had both gone down a bit but Lyn remained wrapped in her towel. Interesting! Lyn was really leading the band now, so I waited to see what she had in mind next