Written by Samgovender

22 Sep 2014

I have been on many adult social sites its been a good experience in most cases, I recently meet a friend of mine at sun coast this pass weekend she is a milf hot from head to toe slim like she has never given birth before and looks 20 something rather then 40. Curves to drive any man to an instant hard on. I got a call from her to meet for lunch not knowing what would happen later I was told to come alone and that her kids and husband was away for the weekend, hearing this from a old work friend was still sounding innocent and the devil inside me was still asleep. Being a hot day I dresses up casually and headed out, only to find a sex goddess tall lady slim big ass and big boobs standing outside the cinema waiting in a cream short dress that's nearly covers her ass or her breasts if she bent down her tong would have show and she never wear a bra I was dazed for a second. I went up to her we exchanged hugs and kiss on the cheek we still I'm the friend zone, took her out to eat she had booked a room at the hotel to stay the night I was told. As the hours went talking and being a man hitting on her, I gt a green signal to come up to her room I was surprised but I wanted her so bad. I paid for the bill she took my hand and we walked up to the room, as the door open she said wait I stood outside for 2min she undressed and opened the door wearing a red heals,red g string n red bra was I was in a daze ,she pulled me inside and hand cuffed me she put the tv on loud and said she saw my profile on an adult site and wanted to see my penis it looked 2times the size of the hubby, I told her open my cuffs and I show u she never listen to me she took off what ever she had on and began to tease me by dancing around and then taking out a bag off sex toys and playing with herself now I'm cuffed to the chair with a busting boner in my shorts waiting for any attention. She then sits on my lap we kiss she said her hubby is old now and can't fuck her she only get to fuck a toy every night. She never feel a man he 6months I told her today u will feel that again. The cuffs wear open she gt in the shower I took my clothes of and followed her inside she instantly got on the knees and held my dick and said it won't fit in both her holds I told her to suck it she did it and boy it was the best I ever had I was about to cum I said stop she said u wants to taste my cum I came in her mouth on her and her boobs we washed up and. Got on the bed naked I sucked her pussy n she came twice I took out a condom put it on and she had body oils I put sum in her ass and puss and on my dick I pushed my dick oin her pussy she was as tight as a virgin, by the way I gt a 9 inch penis that is thick as well I make women scream in both pleasure and pain. She cried it hurt I put my lips on her and Pushed up dick right inside and waited on a minute kissing her and sucking her boobs, then I fucked her she came 2twice again and I was not half way to my orgasm. We changed positions many times till I gt to fuck her ass which she Never do before with anyone I started slow it was not working out so we left it for another time she side, she gt on top of me and was riding like never before at this point I was sure I was getting fucked nt her we both was building up to and orgasm shouting in bliss making so much noise the people in the next room was banging the wall we never care she came fall on my cheat I swiftly moved her on her back and pumped faster and faster she was screaming and groning I was going to cum I took out my penis and condom and tit fucked her dd breast till I came the most ever in my life on her hair face breast and on the bed I was like a water hose. After we need the sweaty sex the door bell rang and a white lady was there my friend open the door naked with cum on her and me on the bed with my dick out and the women smiled and said keep it down the people on this floor are complaining we laughed and closed the door... Hope u guys like this story