Written by Ordinary_Sexual

28 Dec 2017

Mr thick cock’s name is MP. We usually go for dinner or talk over drink. But today i don’t have time for small talk or to be a lady & i ask him on the phone “am i getting fucked tonight or not?” we haven’t fucked in almost a week. “you’ll get it?! So did you go fuck someone else, just be honest?” I avoid the question all though I had. "you said you don't want to know & besides you disappeared for daaaayys, & you know I need sex OFTEN"...he throws his hands up "you had your family with you for Xmas didn't you?"

So MP comes over while I’m lying in the pink lingerie on the bed, no panties. He kisses me and undressed, not much to say to each other as we haven’t seen each other in a week and he suspects I’ve fucked someone else. He can't look me in the face but tries to make small talk. What does he expect when my sex drive is top form again and he leaves me alone for days on end without so much as a little attention that he still wants to.

He lies next to me and strokes my breasts down to my pussy

We chat as he feels me. We banter and tease and he says “I know how to shut you up” and he goes down and I flinch at the feel of his tongue licking my clit. I grab on to his arms and love the sexy feeling of his tongue probing my clit. I spread myself open and he moans at my clit protruding more into his mouth. For a while the sucking, licking, gyrating goes on. He comes up with glistening and white cum on his chin. I kiss him tasting myself on him.

I grab on to his thick hard cock and rub the thick tip over my clit.

“you’ve missed this cock haven’t you”. I reply “no i haven’t....I hate this thick cock” but I rub harder and faster making him go “ooohh yes..take it”

I turn him on his back. My hand takes his thick flesh and guides it to my pussy. I can’t get it in...I have to hold him up, and gently lift myself up and down just taking his tip. “why are you so fucking tight today?” I take him in inch by inch until he’s fully inside me. I sit still for a few seconds until my pussy muscles relax around his thickness. “ maybe because you haven’t fucked me in a few days”.

I start riding him slowly, feeling him stretch my pussy as I move forward, again wanting to see what it looks like to have this thickness stretch me with every thrust.

“so have you fucked someone else because I wasn’t here for a few days?” I smile and say “what if I have? Someone else’s cock riding my pussy and licking me out. he slaps my as “fuck you! Did you enjoy? It wasn’t my cock though”. I lift myself up so that just his tip is inside me “you don’t fuck me, I go fuck someone else” and I take the full length of his shaft back inside me again clenching my pussy as I do, which makes him grab on to my hips.

I then bounce up and down his cock, his hands resting on my ass to feel how it just lifts up and down “fuck I love this ass” as he pushes me down so that I feel his cock hit my cervix. I ride him fast, and I start shuddering and clenching and shouting “I’m gonna cum!”

I sit up on my heels and lean back on his legs so that he has a view of my pussy over his cock and I move back and forth supporting myself on his legs. He looks down and his mouth doesn’t close as he moans, bites his lower lip and say “ooh yes fuck every time you give me something else”

We turn around in doggy position and I have to put lube inside me as it’s a bit of a penetrating struggle to just push his big thick cock inside me with one go. I reach for my clit as I’m enjoying the feeling of being stretched by him, knowing he’s looking down at the scene before him. He varies his thrusts, shallow, deep, fast, slow, downward angle. I’m fucking loving it!!

I turn on my back and he enters me again. He lifts his body and I hold my legs high up to the sides with my hands so that we both can see him fucking me. He looks at the flexibility of my legs and though the 10th time we’re fucking he still exclaims “what? Fuck you’re so flexible you drive me insane!” he looks down and I can also see half of his shaft coming up and down and I wish I could see what it looks like when we fuck as it’s sensationally, erotic. Next time I'm definitely asking him to record it for me.

I start pinching his nipples and his eyes roll back in his head. He thrusts faster and cums loudly.

We fall asleep....but that night he fucks me THREE TIMES, and he cums 3 times. I basically kept him there with my legs around his waist in a grip playing with my pussy until he fucked me for a 3rd time.....hard again and Cumming again in doggy.

“you left the window open?” he says looking out ( my bedroom window is right underneath a stair case leading to flats above me). “yes, so?” I shrug it off, but know he means with our dirty talking in between (which i don’t mention here) and my moaning I probably should...and he just shakes his head.