Written by Jacques

08 Feb 2014

We were given direction on our positions and lighting to get the best pictures. It was different to fuck under instruction. I felt like making a porn movie and the direction giving orders. It was a new experience for us. We had sex in various positions and locations; from the couch to the coffee table, to the dining room table. We made a turn in the kitchen. Where we make use of the cucumber, bananas, etc. The couple, let us call them, Pete and Ann we following us. At this stage Pete and Ann were so horny they couldn’t keep their hands from each other’s bodies. Pete struggled to keep taking pictures while Ann was sucking his dick and she is fucking herself silly with the large glass dildo she brought along. She came prepared.

Then in the bedroom I blindfolded Eve, I couldn’t hold it any more, I had to have Ann. I needed to trick Eve into swapping. We had same room sex, but we have never swapped before.

Ann’s cries of pleasure as she cumming time after time is making me mad. I have showed Pete that they can join us. In no time the camera was on the tri-pot and they were on the bed. Eve didn’t know about this plan.

The smell and the sounds of sex filled the room. And the sight of Pete’s dick fucking Eve and her face enjoying pleasure. I might be stupid to think my partner didn’t know what was going on. The bed was shaking, hands were everywhere, fucking was rough. She acted as if she didn’t know.

I don’t know how long this lasted, but we were all laid back exhausted and satisfied. When everybody left Eve and spoke about the evening and what has happened. I asked about the antics the bedroom and if she knew it was Pete fucking her. She said she wasn’t stupid – she knew it was him, but acted if she didn’t know. She wanted to fuck him since she saw his cock sprung to life when they got undressed, but she didn’t want to say anything, because she didn’t know how I would react.

So it turned out that both of us had the fantasy of swapping and we didn’t know how to start. A new standard has been set, which we will definitely pursue.

We are already talking about next time. We will definitely invite another couple for our next fuck Fest!