Written by jacques

08 Feb 2014

I placed an ad during the week for someone to come and pics of me and my partner having sex. Many men and a few women responded. It was a tough decision to make to decide who to pick. We decided to pick a man and his wife to ome and take the pictures.

We were looking forward to last night, Friday 7/2. Our plans were to go out for dinner and then go back home and meet the couple to take pictures.

My partner wore a wife dress and sheer top. She purposefully not wearing any panties or bra. Her breast were clearly visible through her top. You could see the pink of her nipples as it was erected of anticipation of what is about to happen for the rest of the evening. Her dress are folding over each other in front that opened all the way up to her pussy. She was wearing her stilettos. She looked amazing and very sexy.

Arriving at the restaurant all the attention was on us as we entered the place. We have booked a place in the corner of the restaurant.

She was sitting across of me. I couldn't wait for her to start flashing. Close to us a group of young men drooled over her. She opened her dress and opened her legs and flashed the me her pussy and her landing strip above her pussy. You should have seen their faces. We were fooling around; groping each other. On our way home after a few drinks, tipsy and horny she was sucking my rock hard cock. Flashing her boobs at pasing cars.

Arriving home we had a few drinks waiting for the couple to arrive. The atmosphere was charged with excitment and anticipation. Then the door bell rung. Opening the bell and inviting the people in. He was wearing a jean and casual shirt. She was wearing a mini skirt and sheer black lace top. I noticed immediately that she wsn't wearing a bra. We chatted for a while - then the action started.

My partner and I sat on the couch and started touhing each other and I started to undress her and her hnds were all over my dick. Within no time we were naked and my fingers were exploring the inside of her pussy. All the time we could hear the camera clicking. I looked at the couple and saw that he had a hard on and she was playing with her pussy. I told then they are welcome to undress. Without any hesitation both of them were naked.

I shall continue the story later!