03 Jun 2017

I was a 40 year businessman with loads of time on my hand. Being bored most of the day, I started experimenting with porn to pass time. I dabbled with various sites and one day i came across a dogging site. I was bitten and continued to watch dogging porn all the time.

My wife, also the same age was a beautiful woman. Coming from an Indian background she was naturally shy and conservative, but she would do anything in the bedroom to please me.

As we would have sex daily, I would always bring the subject up of being watched while we fuck.

Soon she gave into my fantasy and agreed to give me a blow job in a public parking spot. The blue lagoon was closet to my business and soon we would drive their daily and have lunch. When we drove there, almost daily I would notice another guy that would also come there.

I would always catch him trying to get a glimpse into our car. So i realised that he loves to watch and then started to set up my fantasy.

I then let my wife know that this guy was watching and would dare her to give me a blow job, which she refused of course!.

At night whilst fucking, I would always bring up the issue of the guy watching and would find my wife becoming very wet. While she would suck my cock, I would finger her and tell her to imagine this mystery guy watching and she would almost always moan. I knew she was loving the idea of this guy watching her.

Then one day, we drove to blue lagoon and our watcher was there. All of a sudden I noticed she was touching me and trying to fool around whilst this guy's car was close to our's.

She unzipped my fly and took out my cock and started stroking it. This guys was watching and never moved a muscle. All of a sudden she dived down and started sucking my cock. She was moaning and sucking like a pro. My wife gives me a blow every day but I must admit, this was one of the best blow jobs I was getting. She was going down deep and swirling her tongue along my shaft. I opened my window and motioned to our watcher to come to the window. He duly obliged. As he was at my window I told my wife, he was right at the window, and she started to moan while taking me deep.

As she sucked, I introduced myself and he shook my hand and said his name was Siffie. I told her he was smiling has he watched. I could feel myself coming and I told siffie, she is going to swallow me, and she did. When she finished, she didnt come up, and asked me to ask siffie to go away as she was very embarrassed. He slowly walked away and thanked me. I knew there and then, that this was a respectable guy and we can have some fun with him.

At the same time, I was selling my car, so my number was posted on the side window.

Next day I got a call from siffie and he told me thanks and loved it and wanted to know when we are going again. I told him I would let him know.

We didnt go for a few days.

Then on a friday, my wife said I needed a treat and suggested I get hold of siffie and she would blow me while he watched. I got excited and immediately got hold of him and told him to meet us there.

At around 1pm we reached our usual spot and already siffie was there. We sat for a few minutes and I called him over. I introduced my wife to him and we made idle chat as I slowly lowered my pants. As we spoke, I asked my wife to gently stroke me, which she readily did. I was already hard.

I then told siffie to tell her what he likes to see, which he sternly told her, get down and suck that fucking cock. Almost like in a trance, she did as he asked and was sucking me so nicely.

As she sucked, I moved my hands under her skirt and started fingering her. She was moaning and I could tell she was really enjoying this.

I then told her siffie wanted to see me fingering her pussy. She continued to suck and said nothing and that for me was an indication that she was okay with that. I motioned him to go to the passenger side and watch my fingers go into her wet puss.

He watched and was smiling like an idiot. I then got very brave and told him please help me as I couldnt finger her properly. I asked, please help me and pull down her g-string. He greedily obliged.

She then spread her leg a little wider and was giving him a great show. I silently told him to finger her and he started working her pussy. I told her siffie was putting 4 fingers into her pussy and she was moaning loudly. He was in his element.

Will continue next time.