Written by muis69

11 Dec 2012

My fantacy from a womans point of view!!!!!!

I'm dressed up to the nines. I'm wearing my favorite halter neck dress which exposes my magnificent cleavage perfectly! The dress is very elegant, ending just below the knee, showing off my ankles to their best, enhanced by my black high heel sandals. My golden hair is perfectly smooth and straight, my lips are subtly glossed, my legs feel like silk against my dress, I’m radiating sex!!!!! Candles are lit, delicious snacks, beers, whisky and wine are readily available in the lounge. I'm savoring a stunning bottle of wine on my own, my hands are shaking just a little bit at what I know is going to be an evening I am never going to forget!

There is a knock on my door, I'm shocked out of my comfort zone. It's Garrick. We kiss lightly on the lips, he tastes of cigars and whisky, he's already been drinking, a sign of his nervousness - I'm delighted that I'm not the only nervous one and this just boosts my ego and my confidence. Before I can even offer Garrick a drink, there is another knock on the door, it’s Nick! I embrace him, feeling his divine hard body radiate delicious heat, I move my cheek to his lips, I play coy and blush at the prospect of not wanting to kiss his lips - not yet! Llewellyn eventually arrives, a dear friend. We all have a drink in our hand and are slowly getting to relax, and getting ourselves worked up in the process.

Its time! I ask the gentlemen to please move to the kitchen, a light open space, but just hidden so they can’t see what’s going on. I ask Llewellyn to stay with me. I get undressed. The excitement, music and the look in Llewellyn's eyes are making my loins incredibly wet! He ties me up, my legs and arms, but not in a spread eagle position. He ties me up so that I can’t touch anyone or escape, but I can be moved onto my tummy if someone wants that! I'm not laid fully flat, half my back is upright against the back of the daybed, I ask him to reach for the blindfold, before he puts the blindfold on, he gives me this deep passionate kiss that makes me weak, and then he whispers "don't worry my babe, it's going to be fantastic, you'll see - I'm here - I'm your security babe". I smile in thanks and agreement. He blindfolds me and I hear him dialing a number. This is the amazing twist in my fantasy. I have asked Llewellyn to invite a stranger to this evening. I hear him say that it's all clear. Llewellyn then goes into the kitchen and pours himself another drink. I'm waiting, naked, tied up, blindfolded in the lounge on a couch that is specifically designed as a day bed with a back to it, perfect for this type of scenario!

10 minutes go bye, my nipples are rock hard at the anticipation. There is a knock on the door, I hear footsteps and Llewellyn's voice say 'hi'. I then hear 'oh my fuck' from a man’s voice as he enters the lounge. Llewellyn laughs and leads the stranger to the kitchen for a drink. I hear a discussion - loud and clear, who is going to come through to me first, what are the rules, are there any? The rules are simple - no talking and no kissing - that's a HUGE identifying mark - I know a man by his kiss - and I’ve been with all of these men before. I'm not wanting to know who is fucking me.

Eventually I hear footsteps, only one man! He undresses, I have no clue as to who he is. I feel his lips on my nipples... nibbling, licking... as he leans over me I feel his rock hard cock touch my tummy. My back arches to the feel of him nibbling on my nipples, I'm already dripping, moaning, impatient at the time that has gone bye. He climbs over me, I hear his breathing, hard and strong! I can also feel the urgency in him, he enters me with one fluid motion, my juices making it easy for him to fuck me on one hard thrust! He knows my body, knows how to fuck me! His cock is hard, big, he positions himself so that the base of his cock is rubbing against my clit, the way I love it! He starts by thrusting into me hard and fast, and then slowly pulls out, making me whimper in anticipation as to when he is going to thrust again, I'm nearly in tears from pure ecstasy! I hear more footsteps, I'm not sure as to how many men are watching, I hear more laughter coming from the kitchen, their chatting loud over the divine music. I'm already lost in awe of how this evening is turning out and the first man has not even finished with me yet.........

I’m brought back to reality by the sound of orgasmic groans and I then realize that it’s me who’s moaning loudly. Being lost in the awe of the moment, I could not believe that I had reached the most amazing orgasm – and only realized it when I started feeling the walls of my pussy start to pulsate and contract, and in a way, it is so much more exciting than I would have thought it to be. The man who is fucking me can obviously feel the contracting of my pussy and he screams as he cums, slowing down and eventually pulling out. I so needed that – my throbbing pussy was aching far too much to handle a teasing session, and I felt that from this man as well.

I’m panting and a thin film of sweat all over my body is sparkling in the candlelight. I can even hear the desperation coming from the other men in their breathing and excited laughs. Over the music and other noise I hear someone say ‘it’s my turn’ it could be any one! My mind is racing. I feel a cool breeze from an open window, my whole body tenses, I feel my nipples go rock hard and the man groans loudly – he leans in straight for my nipples, nibbling, tugging touching my breasts, I feel him insert his fingers into my pussy, feeling around inside, his breathing is getting heavier, his hand moving faster, my juice begins to flow again, almost in torrents, my back arches even higher, I feel his other hand run down my back, reaching my ass… somehow I know what is going to happen now, he grabs my hip on the side and in one powerful smooth motion flips me over. He’s rough, but he knows I love it! I feel him reaching for his cock, I can feel the pre-cum touch the side of my ass, I start to tremble, not out of fear but out of pure ecstasy. I notice that the room has gone deadly silent – I would give anything right now to see the other men’s faces, knowing that they too are desperate for what he is about to do. I feel his cock at the entrance to my ass, my mouth automatically forms into a simile and I give out this wonderfully wicked little laugh – the only sound in the room – and as I finish laughing, he enters me – hard and fast – my whole body responds, I scream out in pleasure – the feel of being tied up, having the weight of a big strong man behind me, fucking me hard in the ass, doing with me what he pleases, not being able to know for certain who it is, hearing the grunts every time he thrusts into me, having that ‘full’ feeling in my ass is all so erotic that I instantly orgasm! Oh My God! My body literally shakes, my arms, supporting my upper body, go weak. He continues to fuck me, making my orgasm last so much longer. I can’t believe he is still going strong, I can feel his cock getting harder, he thrusts faster and faster, I swear I hear a cheer from the other men, and wham! he cums, his whole body hardens and this long low moan, almost a growl comes out from deep inside him. That was so fucking awesome, I’m beyond belief as to how this fantasy is turning out!

I hear a whisper in my ear “I want you on your back with your head over the edge” and I’m not even thinking about protesting! Once my head is hanging over the edge of the day bed, I feel another cock touch my cheek, I open my mouth and feel this warm, hard, huge cock enter my mouth. As I start licking and gently sucking, I have enough give in the ropes that are tied to my hands to touch myself! I feel my cum soaked pussy and I writhe in the delight of my juices mixed with someone else’s cum! As I rub my clit harder and faster, I’m savoring the taste of this amazing cock fucking my mouth. I can feel his tip touching the back of my throat, I feel my large tits bounce as the rhythm of his thrusting moves my body in resistance. He’s groaning as he fucks my mouth and watches me play with my clit, watches my tits bounce, watches as my throat tries to open up larger to accommodate his cock deeper, tighter! I feel as if I am about to explode from all these senses – and as I’m moaning louder and louder, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and I feel a gush of cum soak my tits! This evening is just getting better and better!

I know that there is one more guy desperately needing to satisfy himself. I sit up and feel someone push a glass of wine in my hands. I gulp it down greedily feeling the ice cold liquid quench my thirst. I’m almost sad at the prospect of the evening coming to an end, but I try my best not to show it and I wonder what is about to happen next.

I feel someone lie down next to me, and he tells me to get on top - I feel the release of my bonds in order for me to be able to climb over this man. Even though my blindfold is still in place, the feeling of being able to move around is refreshing. As I lower myself, I grab hold of his thick, hard, pre-cum soaked cock and guide it into my pussy, the feeling of being impaled is awesome, my breathe comes in little spurts. I start to ride this amazing cock, I actually feel the head of his cock enter and exit my pussy and the feeling of the suction of my pussy almost pulling this long hard cock into me, again, sends shivers through me. As I’m riding, hearing my loud moans mingled with his, I feel a hand on my back, pushing me forward, onto this mans chest. I’m wondering what is going to happen now, and before I can wonder any further, I feel another cock enter my ass! OH MY FUCK – double penetration!! The feeling of someone fucking me in the ass and me riding another cock in my pussy is beyond anything I can ever explain! To believe it, is to truly feel the stimulation of all the senses being roused at the same time!

The next half hour of being fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time, as I said above, is indescribable. In order to have a little peak into this orgasmic, no holds barred world of honest, delicious sexual exploration, I’m looking for one word from you, just one single word!