Written by Spartan

11 Nov 2016

He had a beautiful wife. Tall, with long dark hair. They had met at a puppet theatre, both of them passionate about puppets. Richie had taken her to the waterfront afterwards and kissed her overlooking a still and starry reflected Atlantic ocean with the Robben Island light house on the distant horizon.

They dated often after this and one thing led to the next. Richie’s hand also went from touching Mary’s back to her hips and eventually her warm pussy that had been aching for him from the word go. She loved her man and was patient with him. They made tender love once both of them knew they wanted more than only a fuck.

Richie had a kinky streak to him and was shy of showing this to Mary. This meant that he took the long way round before his lust parted her wet lips, but his wife never got to taste his kinky side.

They got married and were happy together. Richie never looked at another woman until the day Fiona joined his company. Fiona was hot and fiery in all ways. Wearing dresses above the knee meant her legs got full attention and boy did she know how to walk in her heals. Richie caught himself on numerous occasions eyeing the voluptuous Fiona. She was younger than he by a few years, around the age of his wife, Mary. Ogling Fiona’s legs always gave Richie a tinge of both worlds. Guilt and admiration. Being in love with his wife, an extra marital affair never crossed his mind.

to be continued...