21 Mar 2016

We were at the casino for most part of that evening.

When it was time to leave she asked me to meet them at home but bring a prostitute with me. Also to buy some condoms. I drove towards their house & along the way found a young girl on the road. 

Picked her up & explained to her that it wasn't me she was gonna fuck. She agreed & we carried on.. I paid her as we got to the house. 

We went upstairs and she got introduced to the hubby. He was already naked. Wifey had sucked him & told him she wanted him to fuck another woman. She wanted to watch him fuck this stranger as this was one of her fantasies & something that turned her on. 

He was a bit uncomfortable with me & he's wife right there just watching..so we stepped out and went to make coffee & just chat.. the three of us have been fucking for about four years now. We could never find a girl for him.

So we sipped on our coffee as things got heated in the other room. Soon he was going to town on this girl.. you know that slapping sound of fucking.. he pounding & it sounded amazing. I sat on their kitchen counter. She came to stand in between my legs, unzipped my pants, then started sucking me. 

Telling me how horny she is hearing him fucking the girl as hard as he was. She is amazing with her mouth..she sucked slowly & put me deep in her throat. Looked at me and then told me, I've been aching for you the whole night, now I need you to please do me a favor. 

I said what's that? She stepped back, went on her knees & said. Fuck my mouth, hard. 

Those words drove me insane. Hearing the fucking in the background & her telling me this was an amazing turn on. 

I did and she took it like a pro, soon I was ready to shoot my load. She could feel & hear I was close, so she grabbed by butt and I shot straight down her throat. She pulled me deeper into her mouth & drained my cock. 

She then got up,kissed me & told me she loved swallowing my cum. 

The fucking in the the other room stopped in the mean time. They stepped out of the room, he was sweating. The chick went to the bathroom. He came to kiss he's wife. 

Then I left with the girl & went home.  ‎