17 Jun 2016

It was a good few months after our initial contact...we had chatted via messenger on numerous occasions and the initial friendly chats was slowly starting to take a sexual turn with M often reminding me of our smooching sessions when we were still courting. I remembered them well but also how she broke my heart.

She was forever referring to how she had a fight to keep moronic guys off her radar however that her being without a companion meant that she was often horny. We had a good laugh about that and I knew that she would be willing to have a wild time if I was up for it..I was hesitant but the mind is powerful and soon I was fantasising about how good it would be to enjoy her body.

And so it was that I ended up at her place one evening..with a bottle of good red wine and a bit of butterflies in my tummy..she had an effect on me and I usually tried to avoid the "dangerous" ones because it was so easy to get sucked into a web of personal feelings that is hard to control.

There was good conversation after the initial nervous chats and she was soon chatting away...her laugh reminding me of the past and why I lost my heart to her. I lit a fire and then she put on some music from the past and soon the mood changed as we slow-danced.

She wanted what I wanted, that much was clear and I undressed her hastily removing everything from her body...even earrings and rings. I got naked too and the next slow-dance soon turned into wild foreplay. I tried to slow her wanton body and fingers, her hungry mouth and aggressive demands but this was M...the one that always seemed to be one up on me...I was being dominated as she raked my balls...sucked on my ear...pulled me towards her by my swollen, slightly oozing cock...damn...

There was that dangerous laugh again...now I regained some composure as she gasped when I sucked and gently bit on her nipples and unlike me, made a quick play for her partly shaven cunt. It was wet and the delightful whiff of female passion was driving me over the edge...I had to have her...fuck her...

She was pretty horny as she said but still dictating as she played me to the tune that she liked...pushing me face down on the couch and at the same time reaching between my legs, grabbing hold of my cock and pulling and pushing my foreskin up and down without mercy...hand-fucking me ...working very hard over the ridge between the shaft and cock head.

I groaned and started to buck but she released and I spun around but she was down in a flash, taking me in her mouth and sucking on me really hard. I was ready to come and she knew it...chuckling dangerously as she again raked my balls with her long nails. When she got up I grabbed her forcefully...the fire in the fireplace now too hot as I forcibly carried her into the bedroom. I threw her on the bed with force and before she recovered I pressed my face into her swollen cunt...

I held her down with force while I started to eat her out...she fought me like a wild cat but as I applied all of my crafty cunnilingus skills, she soon panted hard...moaning and groaning as I worked my tongue furiously in and around her juicy cunt as I felt her orgasm starting to build. Not letting up for a second, I let go with my one hand and started to finger around her butt-hole. This together with deep-tonguing her, soon forced her right to the very edge.

My vengeful mind was urging that I use her, stop her from coming, humiliate her for the pain of so many years ago but I knew that I wanted to make her come..to look into her face as she tipped over the edge and as I felt her starting to contract powerfully, I dug into her butt-hole with the tip of my middle finger while I licked the length of her cunt as at the height of her passion, I sucked onto her swollen clit with raw passion and I felt her going ballistic...she let out the most delightful guttural groan as she pumped upwards into my face....quicker and harder, then I felt her shuddering as she let out a long wild sexual cry while she pushed up into my face, hold her cunt there followed by some very rapid jerks as she rode out the storm. I could hardly breathe but I worked my tongue and mouth as hard and deep as I could.

I needed to fuck her badly and I mounted her like a wanton dog...the need to fuck her was so great that I know I did not do myself or her justice as I started ramming into her like a adolescent youngster. She was probably trying to get a good fucking rhythm as she sensed the need to come again but before long I was beyond any control...trying to rescue the situation but because she could feel that I was really close to unloading, she pushed up powerfully along with my wild jackhammer fucking style and soon, I started to groan as I felt my loins feeling like it was going to explode and I felt how I squirted my love juices into her in a few very powerful squirts. Feeling like a fool, I apologised profusely but she was almost mothering me...running her fingers through my hair, whispering gently. I was able to hold some form of an erection and ordering me to hold still, she drove into me powerfully, creating her own rhythm as she used me, her breathing labouring as she grabbed my arse and becoming wild after a short while, and now I could look into her face as I watched her come...her eyes wild at first, beads of sweat on her forehead and on her upper lip...as she drove onward towards her climax.I was a spectator in the best seat, watching her as I concentrated on keeping my cock as hard and as deep inside her as I could manage.

Her face contorted, an almost pained expression now, groaning, desperately calling my name...and then just before she came I saw her eyes glazing over...not focusing, then shutting as her breath became ragged and she started coming hard...her cries of passion filling the room while she bucked around my swollen cock. It was a fucking erotic sight...one that I had been wishing for a very long time and that I wanted to experience for many years. Then she open her eyes and chuckled while she said "Shit...that was a fucking mountain I just scaled!"

The rest of the night went rather better from a fucking point of view as I was able to control my emotions much better...getting a feel for her body and playing with her to the point of being able to do almost anything to her. At one stage, I tied her up and ate her cunt out for the best part of half and hour while she writhed and pleaded as I helped myself to a cunt buffet.She was a great fuck...dominating me at times to the point that I was a whimpering wreck and when I left her house the next morning, I had probably the best sex in a very long time...

I need to be careful with her...she's still as "dangerous " to me as all those years ago...but then again..She has grown up...I needed to fuck her again....