Written by Funlovingpeopl2 (Mrs)

16 Oct 2016

We live in a small, conservative town on the coast. It is populated mainly by older, retired people or holiday makers. Being a small, recreational fishing town, there are a fair number of people visiting the town most weeks. During peak season, the town is jam packed with people.

My hubby and I have enjoyed a swinging/swopping/hot-wife relationship since we first met over 20 years ago.

In the last two years, rather than trying to find couples to swap with (almost impossible in this country), we have ventured more and more into a hot-wife relationship.

My favourite, and his, is for me to go out with friends on a Friday night and hopefully, to end the night with a complete stranger.

It is very difficult to remain discreet and I am a little picky so most weekends end in failure but on occasion, things go right.

One of the best times, that we both love reminiscing over, happened as follows:

A normal Friday night, out of season and with expectations fairly low, I went out with a friend (she doesn’t know anything about what I do) dressed warm (jeans, jumper, jacket) and only a few touches of make-up, not really making an effort as I expected to be in by 11.

By 10, the first two bars were done and empty and with only one further bar to go to, we decided on one last drink. I texted hubby to tell him I would be home soon. Even the text back sounded disappointed as it was some time since we last found any fun.

The bar was reasonably busy so we got some drinks and sat at the bar and chatted away. Around 1am, a guy of possibly late twenties came over and introduced himself and bought me a drink. My friend laughed telling him I am married and not interested but he carried on chatting to us anyway. When my friend got up to pay a call of nature, my new friend (never did remember his name) asked how long I was staying out for as he would like to have a dance later. I told him my friend would go soon and I usually go at the same time. He almost pleaded with me for a dance before I went so I agreed. My friend came back then and announced she was done and heading home. I told her that I was going to have one more then go home too so she said her goodbyes and left.

As soon as she had gone I was dragged onto the dance floor and we danced for ages. The music was mainly fast paced so not much touching went on but I knew he was trying. After a few more drinks, and a bit more dancing, the barman announces closing time. 4am! Where did the night go?

My friend, without any further preamble, asks if we can go somewhere and I said yes. He did not want to go to my house (as my friend had already said I was married) so I told him to meet me at the beach car park. He said he had to drop someone off and I thought then that was the end. I got in my car (yes I know) and drove to the beach. I phoned hubby to tell him where I was and why and he sounded very pleased. I told him it was likely I would be home in a minute and I would give the guy only 5 minutes as I did not expect him back. As I told hubby that, I saw the car lights coming down the lane so I told hubby to wait up and let’s see.

My friend had indeed come back after dropping his friend off. He parked next to my car making a kind of L shape, turned off the engine, got out the car and came over and, with nothing said, started to passionately kiss me. I kissed him back just as hard and had that nice warm feeling start between my legs knowing what was to come.

As he kissed me, he started to work his hands under my jumper and jacket and into my bra. His hands felt wonderful as they made contact with my nipples. He was struggling a bit so I undid the jacket and took it off. He then pulled my jumper and I just raised my arms and let him take it off. He now used both hands to massage my boobs and continued to kiss me.

Next to go was the bra as he snapped it open really easily and then lowered his head to suck on my nipples. I opened my rear car door and sat down so he could kiss and suck my boobs more easily but he had other ideas. He undid the button and zip on my jeans and tried to pull them down. We then spent a giggly couple of minutes trying to get my shoes off so the jeans would come off too. Here I am, naked except for my knickers, with a complete stranger, in the open.

His hands continued there wandering and he started to rub me through my knickers. I laid back to make it easier for him and opened my legs fully. He pushed my knickers to one side and his fingers were straight into me and his other hand was used to rub my clit. MY first orgasm of the night (the first of many) followed quickly and a trace of squirt came out. I told him not to stop and if he did, I would squirt heavily. He bent his head down, continued to finger me but started to lick on my clit too. That was too much and I squirted right into his face. He loved it and carried on making me cum a few times.

I stopped him after a while and then started to undo his jeans. A nice hard-on popped into view and I gave him a little bit of a sucking. That was not what he was after though! He pulled at his clothes and got completely naked whilst I removed my knickers. He laid me back on the seat and started kissing me again and then I felt the wonderful feeling of a cock nudging at my entrance. He took his time and eased into me slowly, even though I was soaking wet. He fucked me for ages like that, slowly and passionately then stood up and said to me to flip over. I got on my knees on the seat (had to crouch a little) and he entered me from behind. This time he was not gentle and pounded into me for ages. I squirted on him and felt him tense up behind me and then start jerking as he unloaded inside me. What a feeling!

When he withdrew, I turned around and sat down with his cum trickling down my thigh. He asked me if I wanted more and I said of course not expecting anything. He was still hard and slid down and into me again. The second time he fucked me like that for ages before shooting another load of cum into me.

I looked out the window and could see daylight. It was almost 6.30!

Then he got up, we kissed, he grabbed his clothes and drove off. I decided to drive home naked and did so, it’s not far. When I got home, I ran into the house, cum still leaking down me and jumped onto the bed. Hubby was sitting on top of the bed with a huge hard-on. I laid down, opened my legs and told him I had bought him a present which he gladly cleaned up. We then re-enacted all that had happened.