Written by Brumia - Bruce

26 Aug 2016

We decided to go to Sinsations for the afternoon, first time for us there together as a couple, and only my second visit after checking out the scene on my own a few days previously. M was very excited, her first ever visit to a “sex-shop”! She drove in from out of town, and we met up at The Glen and parked her car so we could drive there together.

We parked out in the street, and first completed our chat about the “rules of engagement” for the afternoon - what we expected and hoped for, what would be acceptable and what not… While we were sitting outside discussing, we saw a young man arrive, park on the opposite side of the road, and enter the shop.

A few minutes later, with adrenaline levels rising, we locked the car and entered the shop, and started to have a look around. M was particularly looking for a new vibrator, but she also wanted to have a good look around at what all was on offer. I had noticed that the young man we had seen entering the shop, was now nowhere to be seen, which meant he must meanwhile have gone through into the lounge area. While we were still browsing the wares on offer, he came out from the lounge area, started to walk out of the shop, but suddenly checked, and then started looking through the racks of dvds a couple of metres from us.

We finally decided on the vibrator that M was looking for, a lovely little pink “bullet” with remote variable speed control, and took it to the counter to pay for it. I was aware that the guy who was browsing through the dvds was watching us. M paid for her purchase, and I paid for our entrance to the lounge area, and also requested the key for one of the cubicles. The shop manager gave us the key and also a lantern, explaining that it was pretty dark inside the cubicles!

M decided she needed a toilet before we started watching the movie, and was delighted to find that there was also a bidet included in the facilities.

With our eyes still getting used to the dim lighting, we found our way back to the hetero lounge, the only people in the place as far as we could make out, and settled down on the bench against the back wall to watch the screen from which lots of porno activity and related noise was emanating. I sat at the far end of the bench, M more in the middle, closer to the door.

M had thought to wear a loose-fitting dress, with buttons up the front, for the outing. She raised her right leg and placed it across my lap, an open invitation to me to start touching. I stroked the inside of her thigh, progressively sliding her dress up and exposing more of her leg as I moved my hand closer and closer to its target. I discovered to my delight that she had already removed her panties (had done so at the One-Stop on her way in to town), and her pussy was already wet in anticipation… I undid a few of the lower dress buttons to allow even easier access…

At this point the security gate clicked, the door opened and someone entered the lounge area. The curtain which screened off the hetero lounge from the rest of the lounge area was carefully moved aside, someone looked in, and then entered the lounge. He stood near the doorway, ostensibly watching the movie, while in reality checking out of the corner of his eye what we were up to. M kept her legs splayed, and I kept rubbing her where she likes to be rubbed…

I recognised that it was the tall young guy that we had seen previously, and greeted him. Now he could look openly in our direction, and we started chatting, while M and I continued our play. He then asked if he might come and sit next to us on the bench, and M patted the space next to her and said he would be welcome. He sat down at a “decent” distance from M, and pretended to continue watching the movie, but with his head half turned so that he could more easily see the activity in M’s lap! He seemed shy, uncertain what to do, and doing nothing as a result… M reached across and put her left hand on his thigh, and started stroking him. He shifted across the bench, so that he was now right close to M, and put his hand on her left leg, and in turn started stroking her leg, and moving her dress up on that side too as he reached for her inner thigh. I decided to relinquish my position as clit-rubber-in-chief, and turned my attention instead to M’s boobs. She reached behind and released her bra, and slipped it out through the loose arm of her dress. I undid some of the top buttons on her dress, and found my hand cupping a soft warm boob with a nipple that was clearly expressing its excitement.

The young man meanwhile had taken over as chief clit-rubber, and M leant back and spread her legs a little further, starting to moan a bit in enjoyment. She reached back to the young man’s lap, and fondled him through his pants, and then instructed him to “open up!”, pointing to his fly. He obliged, and got his cock out, and she started wanking him while he continued to rub her where she likes to be rubbed. We had introduced ourselves by this stage - the young man’s name was Mark, and he admitted that he too had never done anything like this before.

The security gate clicked again, there was movement at the curtain, and another much older gentleman stood in the curtained doorway surveying the scene. Once he had worked out what was going on, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and stood there wanking.

With Mark’s dick now standing to full attention, M leant across and took it in her mouth, beginning a leisurely BJ which Mark evidently enjoyed. He inserted a finger or two into M’s pussy and started frigging her aggressively. M moaned even louder. I undid more buttons, and started sucking on her nipples, while the old gent stood watching and wanking.

M stopped the BJ, turned to me and whispered “If he carries on like that, I am going to cum!” I said “Let him! Just cum, and enjoy it! The noise from the movie will disguise the sound.” She leant back again and closed her eyes, holding Mark’s cock in her left hand and mine in her right. Mark carried on frigging, I carried on suckling, and the old guy carried on wanking…. And then she orgasmed, making a lot more noise even than the porn chick on the movie screen!

For a while she would be too sensitive for any more pussy-attention, and Mark realised this and stopped. She resumed sucking on his cock. After a while he leant forward and whispered in her ear. She stopped sucking him, turned to me and asked if I had a condom handy, which naturally I did, having come prepared for any eventuality. I gave it to her, she rolled it over Mark’s cock, and resumed the BJ. It was not long before Mark twitched and groaned, he too audible above the porno soundtrack as he came in the condom. He patted her gently on the shoulder, and she stopped when she felt him starting to subside. He removed and tied the condom, and thanked M profusely for his pleasure.

Mark, the gentleman that he was, then asked M if he should make way for the old wanker still standing in the doorway to sit down beside her. M had decided that she wasn’t interested in him, and told Mark to stay where he was. The old wanker approached M, making it clear that he would like her to wank or suck him too, but she waved him off, and he returned to leaning against the doorway, wanking away.

I had, the previous day, anonymously posted on the Gauteng Dogging Page, asking “Anything interesting likely to be happening at Sinsations on Friday afternoon?” Mark admitted that he had read the post, and had decided to check out Sinsations on that Friday as a result. He had gone into the hetero lounge, had found nothing happening there, hung around for a bit, and then decided to leave. On his way out he had seen us browsing in the shop, and decided then to hang around a bit longer to see if anything might transpire, and had in fact been keeping an eye on us while we moved around the shop. He had waited a while after we went through to the lounge so that it wasn’t quite so obvious, and then came back in looking for us. Not quite sure how to approach, he had been very pleased to be invited to join us on the bench.

Mark soon apologised and said he needed to get back to work and would be leaving us, cleaned up his now-flaccid dick with some handy paper towel, packed his tackle away and zipped up. As he got up to leave, the old wanker made to move into his place. M decided however that we should now move into our cubicle, for our “alone time”, so we too got up to make our move.

The manager had given me the key for the left-hand cubicle, explaining when he did so which one it was. We knew that cubicle was locked, having checked it when we first came in. As we moved towards that door, the old wanker suggested we should rather use the other cubicle, as it was already unlocked. We politely told him we would be using the one that we had been allocated, unlocked it and entered, closed the door behind us and quietly but carefully locked it.

It was PITCH dark inside! I turned on the lantern, so we could orientate ourselves. Not an awful lot of space for an orgy, but the “bed-space” would be sufficient if we lay very close together or on top of each other!!... We undressed, M with nothing else to remove just undoing the few remaining buttons on her dress and then hanging it on the door handle, while I quickly stripped my clothes off and dumped them in a heap on the floor.

We stood kissing and touching, M was still very wet, and I was getting hard again. I gently pushed her back down on the bed and spread her legs, knelt on the floor on my pile of clothes and put my mouth to her pussy. She was WET! I started licking where she likes to be licked, further adding to her wetness with my efforts, and soon she was moaning again. As her moaning increased, competing again with the porno soundtrack from the movie playing just a couple of metres away, someone tried to open the door, and M’s dress fell off the handle onto the floor. It could only have been the old wanker who had been waiting for his “moment,” hoping to get in on or at least see the action…. But he found the door locked, and must have realised to his disappointment that he was regrettably not welcome to join us. No wonder he had tried to direct us to use the unlocked cubicle!

M came again after my tongue had worked the magic she so enjoys. Then it was my turn for a special BJ, and then she wanted me inside her! In the rather cramped conditions of the cubicle, missionary style seemed the best option, so she lay back and spread her legs for me again, and I pushed in deep… She was extremely wet, no additional lubrication was necessary, and we enjoyed a long slow fuck, wondering if there were perhaps holes in the dry-walling of the cubicle through which the wanker might be watching us (with the lantern on inside our cubicle this would be totally feasible).

After I exploded in M’s already soaking pussy, while adding my own ecstatic groans to the porno soundtrack, we leaked a big puddle all over the vinyl cover of the cubicle “bed,” but fortunately we had thought to bring in some of the handy paper towel with us in anticipation of something like that happening!

When we finished, dressed and left the cubicle, the old wanker wasn’t around, so perhaps he had gotten bored or moved on into the “men only” section of the lounge in search of greener pastures.

We enjoyed our experience there. M really enjoyed Mark and his attentions to her. And we are likely to go back sometime. And when we do, if the conditions feel appropriate, we might even leave the cubicle door ajar, or at least unlocked!...