07 Mar 2018

Having my own business I dictate my own schedule and this one Friday I was keen to get done quickly. Had a few chores at home and it was crap week and was looking forward to nice afternoon of watching porn and wanking.

Got home,put a load of washing in the machine,did the dishes and settled in to watch some bookmarked porn I saved. All was going well. Hot girls were sucking big beautiful cocks and I was butt naked,lubed up and stroking my cock beer in hand! Now,having your own business means having to answer the phone when it rings. So,whilst in my chill state my phone did ring and I answered,porn is on mute so I talk on phone while still stroking my cock with my free hand...LoL! (HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU DONE THAT?? HA!)

Here things get hot,not on the phone,but unbeknownst to me my girlfriend at the time was going to help one of her friends with her make-up and outfit for a party later the evening and this girl has always had the notion of just coming in. I used to live in a complex were you have to phone to open the main gate for visitors and therefore I usually left my front door and gate unlocked. I did not know about their plans and that my girl was going to be running late,so in middle of my naked phone call with porn on the TV this girl just walked in,somehow got into the complex,probably when someone else drove in? Im not sure how long she was standing in kitchen watching me,but when I got that feeling of eyes on you and looked around and saw her leaning on her elbows on the kitchen counter... I nearly had a heart attack! I dropped the phone,scurried to get my pants on and end the call and she burst out laughing. Jesus,I wished the ground would swallow me up and my ears were ringing with shock,phone started to ring again and I answered just saying I will call back,trying to keep my comfy home pants from falling down.

I said sorry and that she startled me and I got a little annoyed as this my place and she just walks in unannounced? She just giggled and said,IT'S OK,I WAS ENJOYING THE SHOW...Well then.

Now this chick is quite hot,short buxom little thing and she works out,a lot,so the body and the round little bum was on point,nice rack also and I have always thought dirty thoughts about her and made no disguises when undressing her with my eyes when she was in our company.

I said,SO WHAT NOW? YOU CAN'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND I LIKE WATCHING PORN ON MY OWN PLEASE! She replied no,and that I should put the porn back on. I thought OK and did as she asked and she came into the living room from the kitchen and sat down on a couch to my left opposite the couch I was sitting on facing the television. While the porn was going she started rubbing between her legs and over her breasts and gave the bulge in my loose fitting home pants a look every now and then,I thought FUCK IT,pulled my pants off again,applied new lube and started stroking my swollen but flacid cock hard again. Not too long after without a word she started taking her clothes of,I remember her pulling her pants down after taking her shirt off and seeing that she was wearing a tiny black g-string,the kind that is ropey around the bum area (LOL) and sat back down on the couch with only her bra and g-string on.

She had very nice breasts,I always peered at her cleavage when she was around,but now,shirtless with her bra on they looked amazing! She saw me looking at her breasts and squeezed them together while flashing me a naughty smile. She sat forward and took her bra off,looking me dead in the eyes. Those girls naked and in all their glory was a sight to behold,nice a full with lovely big areolas and even more lovely plump nipples. She stood up and walked past in front of were I was sitting and I locked eyes on that tight little ass framed by the stringy bits of material of her g-string,she sat down next to me and with no word took my cock in her hand and I was carried away,electrical shocks going through me. Her small neat little hands made my cock look huge! She stroked me slowly while watching the people fuck each other on the TV. I fondled one of her breasts,she then lay down oh her side and starting sucking me off while massaging my balls with her other hand. By now my hands were all over her thighs and ass and I pulled off her panties and started fingering her while she was sucking and licking my hard cock.

I pulled her up and sat her down on the coffee table in front of me,her legs either side of me,went on my knees,spread her legs apart and started eating her out. She had a lovely little bush and her wet warm lips were beautifully parted and swollen from excitement. After I ate my fill and she was moaning softly I stood up and towered over her,she is a short girl as I said,I took the lube off the table and poured some over her breasts and massaged it all over her chest. I pressed her big firm boobs together and put my cock between them,I was slipping and sliding my cock through her cleavage,meeting her tongue with my cock when it peeked through her cleavage. She stuck her tongue out and I tapped my cock on it and wiped cock over her mouth. I was in a state! I grabbed my wallet and got out a condom and fumbled to get it on while she was rubbing and squeezing her breasts,staring at my cock impatiently. I pulled her up,bent her over the table and thrust hard into her doggystyle,I still don't know where I got the stamina but I had it! Fucking her from behind while the porn is playing on TV in front of us,the wet slapping noise as I pummeled her echoing through the otherwise quiet room,my arms reaching under her and squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

I've heard from my girlfriend at the time that this girl is a freak and does all sorts off crazy things,now she is a loud brash girl,but from what I was experiencing this afternoon I reckoned it must be true,so I decided to test her. I let go of her boobs and gripped her bum cheeks while pumping her,I ran my index finger around her anus and stuck my finger in her puckered little hole,this got her revving! She was wiggling her hips and gasping into her arms on the table,she blurted out,FUCK ME IN MY ASS,to which I responded immediately! I grabbed the lube and spurted a whole lot over her ass... Jesus I can still feel that tight little hole pulsing and clenching around my cock,I did not last long fucking her up her ass,I pulled out and ripped of the condom and thought I was going to spray her boobs...nope,she took me in her mouth and I exploded in there.Sucking and pulling every last drop out of me. I was trembling and unsteady on my feet.

After that I did not know how much time we had before my girlfriend shows up,so a hasty clean up and getting dressed was in order. It was a while still before girlfriend came home and it was a awkward rest of the afternoon to say the least! HA HA!

Hope to have another afternoon like that sometime!