Written by orangeswingza

01 Apr 2013

Hmmm, so Jean got here Friday evening, about 22H30, about 15minutes before wyfie got in from her girls evening out for the colleague thats leaving work. She was surprised to see Jean's car in the drive and told him so, when they greeted as she enterred. She was still in her work clothing of course. I kissed her and immediately recodnized the taste of her favourite cocktail of Pinacolada on her breath. She seemed fine, even if she did admit to sinking more than was recommended. She needed to shower, her habit before engaging in anything and her preference after a days work, kids in bed and that. She went up to check on the kids and take a shower. Jean and I enjoyed a taste of the Johnny Walker double black I bought at airport duty free on the return from South Africa. Very smooth and gave the throat a nice spicy feel as it went down.

Soon the shower could be heard faintly and after about 30min, wyfie came downstairs, dressed in nightgown, very silky, with not more than her night shirt beneath that. The sight of her, made Jean take notice, I watched him drop his hand to his groin and give a squeeze in a very discreet way. Wyfie was a very good mood and she went straight to the bar, got herself a Malibu+coke and relaxed on the couch next to me. Conversation flowed and she let us in on the hours before, the time at the restaurant, then drinks back at her colleague's place. The girls had fun and probably still were, just they were mostly single and so could go on, without any thought of spouse or kids. I didn't have any issue if wyfie wanted to party for once, but she herself felt better to return home. I had no argument with that. Neither did Jean!

Jean was now onto his third scotch and his mood was very relaxed. He flirted openly. Then just as boldly, he called wyfie to him. She onbliged and sat over his lap, back to him. Jean ran his hands over her thighs, up her tummy and pushed her breasts and nipples up, cupping them as he did. His hands seemed to disappear into the front of her nightgown, undoubtedly beneath her nightshirt. He caressed her breasts and and nipples, kissing her neck as he did so. Then parted her legs, undid her gown that was tied in front, speading it open, spreading her legs and exposing her shaven pussy to me. Jean sucked his middle finger, then pushed it into her mouth, slowly pulling it back and then inserting it again, like he was fucking it. Then he pulled it free, turned her head to him and kissing her, while his middle finger went south and found her pussy, her opening and slowly began it's journey inside her. He kissed her while his finger roamed her opening, probed her and rubbed across her clit. He probed her deep, then brought his finger to his mouth, he sucked it, then again, got her to suck it, then he sucked it again and pushed it back inside her.

My cock strained and begged for released but I was enjoying the show. Jean's finger now encircled her clit and flicked it back and forth rapidly. His free hand cupped her left breast, fingers rolling her nipple, mouth trained on her face turned to his, kissing her, sucking her tongue, making her horny, getting her ready. His finger on her clit finally brought her the orgasm we both wanted for her. Her body was difficult to restrain as she reacted to the insatiable pleasure that surged through her core! I watched Jean's finger work harder and made her orgasm intense as it probed and fucked her. Wyfie was horny, kissed him more intensely than before. Jean's finger moved down and out of her wet fuck hole, to where it now began it's journey up her asshole. Slowly but surely, he opened up her ass and got her to flick her own clit. It didn't take as long this time, before she brought herself to orgasm with Jean's finger stroking her asshole in and out like it was her pussy.

It was time to put cock inside her. Mine was hard and ready, so was Jean's. He raised her slighly, getting her gown and nightshirt raised abover her hips. He'd dropped his trouser and kicked them off. I watched him point his cock into her pussy and slowly plunge it inside her until only his balls could be seen at her entrance. He fucked her slowly, kissing her and fondling her breasts. I went down on all fours between their legs and flicked my tongue across her clit. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her groin, keeping my mouth trained on her clit while millimeters away, Jean's cock was working hard for her cunt. Soon we had her moaning, groaning and watched her chest rise and fall as her breathing became uncontrolled. As her orgasm began to take over, I got up, Jean looked at me, " put in inside her, over me". I was horny, she was about to cum and Jean was master of the game!

Kneel, keeping her legs apart, I pressed my cock over Jean's cock, until it slowly pushed into her hot wet pussy. Wyfie gasped and her eyes opened wide like saucers as she realised she was getting two cocks inside her pussy. "Fuck", was all she could say repeatedly, while I slowly but firmly worked my way balls deep inside her pussy, already filled with Jean's cock. It seemed to take a while, and even once in, she kept a hand on my chest.Her face looked anxious but her eyes and body language did not scream, "no". I slowly began to sroke her abaove Jean's cock.

It was a strange and weird feeling. It became even more lusty when I felt his cock move too, so did she. We found a pace and soon had her barely daring to breath while we went to work on her pussy, digging deep and ripping her inside out until she captiluated into an orgasm, to which Jean and I reacted by fucking her harder and faster and soon felt each others semen fill her and drip out of her. Spent, I pulled out and sat down. Jean caressed and kissed her while his cock remained up inside her pussy. I watched his balls get coated with semen dripping out of her. Wyfie couldn't speak and couldn't believe that she just had two cocks inside her pussy. Jean turned her mouth to his and kissed her, his hands roaming her body. He was growing hard again. He pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed it into her ass. He fucked her tight wrinkled asshole like it was her pussy. When he came, I went over and pushed my cock into her ass, Jean's cock now out of her. He held her thighs, allowing me to fuck her asshole. I seemed to go on and on and on, before I went deep and gave her semen up her butt.

Jean kissed her mouth, I sucked her breast and nipples while I finished inside her ass. "Lets take her to the guest room", I said to Jean. We got up and walked slowly to the guest room, where we laid her on the bed. Jean went down and sucked her clit, while I kissed her and sucked her breasts. Jean kissed her thighs and legs, down one side, up the other side. He eventually fucked her with two fingers. I straddled her chest and took her mouth, finishing in her throat. Jean came up and took over. I went below and got my fingers inside her. We used her, fucked her and and pleasured her before she was simply too exhausted to play and begged us to let her sleep. Reluctantly, we turned we sandwhiched her, Jean behind, me in front and we let her sleep. About 5am, I became mildly aware, of a groaning sound, looking clearly as I opened my eyes, I watched her eyes closed, mouth open and felt the bed move. Reachind down and below, I felt her pussy and felt Jean's cock moving. He groaned, fucked her harder then groaned. I felt his hands hold her hips, while he inseminated her. It seemed a few minutes, before he relaxed his grip, then got out and began to put on his clothes. Wyfie smiled at me and said good morning. "It certainly seems to be that", I said. Jean leaned over her and kissed her, while running his hands down under the covers, cupping her pussy, "thanks for an awesome evening and morning"....she wanted to say something, but he just kissed her again. Then he broke the kiss, and said, " you guys are invited to my beach cottage this weekend, along with Eric and Celine. Karine hasn't seen you all, so we decided to have you all over. " Jean left.

Wyfie and I cuddled. "You boys were VERRRY naughty and BOLD last night" she said. " Are you sore?" I asked. "Not any more or less than usual" she replied. I was relieved. " You could be treated to more of the same this weekend". Wyfie grinned, "only this weekend?"....then she laughed!