Written by Pink_

05 Aug 2013

So you have all hopefully read about my first 3some. Have had a few now and I can feel quite an addiction forming. This past Friday's playtime was however new and exciting. Our regular 3some partner arrived on Friday afternoon and it would have just been a visit with no play. We had a nice bonfire going and were sitting around the fire talking about what have been and how we have all enjoyed it thus far. Other friends came and left and by now it was quiet and dark in our neighbourhood just before midnight. At that stage I was prompted to come and sit between my husband and his friend next to the fire which of course I did. As soon as I sat down hubby grabbed my face with one hand and started kissing me and with the other loosening my jeans and started playing with me. Now this is happening in our driveway and it is open all around. This added a lot of excitement. I was being kissed and being played with in the open next to a crackling fire.... our friend started kissing me and rubbing my pussy and by then all the NO PLAYING tonight went out of the door. I started sucking on and playing with our friends awesome huge dick and next thing I knew we were in our front yard in the dark on a blanket and I was being rammed from behind doggy style hard and fast whilst sucking on hubby's hard dick. I started squirting and it was the hubby's turn by now I was beyond the point of no return and I was being fucked hard and fast until I had the most powerful orgasm and he emptied himself. What an awesome quick fuck without any planning. Hope to do it again soon.