Written by Andrew

19 Apr 2016

Friday afternoon after work I was still at the office doing some last minute paper work when I heard a knocked at my office door.Looking up I saw it was the female security gaurd Ntabiseng asking when I was leaving so she could check if all the office doors are locked.Now to be honest I have always had a thing for her and she knew it.I said I would be finished in about ten minutes.After finishing I packed up my suitcase and walked down the hallway to the office bar as this door led to the office parkings.As I opened the door I saw something that made my hart jump and my cock jump to attention.Ntabiseng was standing with a bottle of brandy in one hand and a glass in the other with absolutely no clothes on.Seeing her black skin,perfect tits and round ass made my cock go mad.She took a sip of the brandy and walked up to me,getting down on her knees she pulled down my pants and started to give me a sensual blowjob.After a few minutes she got up and took me to the couch.Lying down on her back and spreading her legs she pulled me closer.Taking my cock in her one hand she guided it to her wet pussy."What about a condom"I asked."Don't worry about it"she said.I knew it was stupid but I was to far gone and to horny.I felt the tip of my penis spreading her pussy lips and the warm sensation was just heaven.I pushed forward I easily slid into her.We proceded to have sex like animals full of lust and passiom.I felt I was close and according to her moans so was she,I couldn't hold it anymore and with one final thrust I pushed my cock as deep as possible into her and let loose.I exploded inside her with a barage of semen blasting against her cervix depositing millions of sperm in her fertile womb.We knew the risk we took......only the future can tell.