Written by Tonguemansa

15 Sep 2013

My telephone rings. Its you. You tell me that its is Friday afternoon and that I must not go anywhere because you are on the way to see me! Then you put down the phone. A little while later there is a knock on the door. I open it and its you. You push past me into the room. I slowly close the door and turn around you grab me and kiss me roughly on the mouth. After kicking off your shoes and while loosening the buttons of your silk shirt, you tell me in no uncertain terms that you're a little drunk, have little time but that you're fucken horny and need to be fucked real good. So I sit down on the chair in the corner of the room and start loosening my shoes.

Suddenly you take up a position in front of me and start swaying to the music that is coming from the radio. Your eyes are wide open and you are playing with your nipple through you black lace camisole. I watch mesmerized as your hand goes underneath the material and you start pinching your rock hard nipple. The whole time your hips are thrusting your cunt towards me. Your other hand moves down and you start finger fucking yourself as I watch. The bump and grind continues and you pull up your skirt and remove your panties. Quickly you remove the rest and suddenly you are dancing naked in front of me. Your one hand is playing through your hair, the other is squeezing and pinching your hard ruby red nipples in turn and your tongue is licking your lips lustfully.

I have been so enthralled by your performance that I haven't gotten past untying my shoes and removing them. I do have an enormous hard on though and your eyes have not left the bulge in my pants. You sidle up to me and turn around. You rub your smooth arse across my hard dick - first softly and then roughly. I place my hands around you from behind and grab at your tits - as you're obliviously extremely horny I'm not going to be gentle! I pinch and pull your nipples and you moan in a combination of pain and pleasure. I grab a handful of hair and force your head to turn around so that I can kiss you on the neck, the ears the mouth. When our mouths meet it is a rough and needy kiss - one that sucks the life from you one that shows the time to be fucked is coming soon.

Suddenly again you are off me. You turn around and are on your knees ripping at my pants to get at my prick. Once you have pulled my pants off and have freed my cock from its confines, you hungrily start licking and sucking it. You nibble at my dickhead, you suck at my balls, you lick my anus and you pump up and down on the shaft roughly with your fist. This drives me crazy - this horny fucking bitch sucking at my blood engorged cock. I grab your head, arch my back and start thrusting it in and out of your mouth as if fucking your mouth. You almost gag but being the fuck-loving witch that you are you just moan and scream with pleasure!

In an instant you have freed yourself from my grasp and are straddling my cock. Your pussy is so wet that it's juices drip onto my cock. You collapse onto my lap and my cock is thrust up into your cunt. I can feel you the muscles on the inside immediately being milking it. Your tits mean time, are in my face and you rub them from side to side. The nipples are hard and sensitive and I suck and bite the hard on every chance I can get them into my mouth. I've placed my hands on your bum and are assisting you to thrust my cock in and out of your pulsating cunt. You moan and scream as you fuck me and as I suck and bite your nipples. Then I feel that now all to familiar pulsation of your pussy walls as your orgasm begins to wash over you. You throw your head back and moan with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm pulses through your cunt. As they subside you collapse into my arms.

Fuck that was great for you but you can't just leave me hanging. My cock is still rigid inside you so I stand up - it stays inside you. I throw you down on the bed, turn you over so that your bum is in the air. I spread your legs slightly. Straddling you from behind I shove my cock up to the hilt into your pussy making you scream in pain and pleasure. Your pussy has done its work though and you know that it will not take much to make me come. So you start working with me grinding your arse from side to side, thrusting towards me as I shove my cock in. Then I feel my cock begin to swell and I know I'm going to shoot my load. I quickly pull my cock out and it exits with a plop. I turn you over and straddle your chest so that you are looking directly at my prick as I pump up and down on the shaft with my fist. Faster and faster and then suddenly......I spurt my hot come all over your tits and face. This pushes you over the edge again and you scream out as another orgasm washed over your cunt.