Written by rock_climber

24 Apr 2014

A couple of weeks ago I had a friend from France staying with me. She invited over some friends that she had made contact with through the French embassy. So suddenly I was swamped by four very animated french speaking girls, and quickly began to think it would be a long night trying to keep up with the conversation. They were clearly very excited to be speaking in their mother tongue, as all of them work in English speaking businesses. I know what that feels like, spending day after day just battling to speak and understand people rapidly chattering around you.

The french are quite proud of their cuisine, so we chilled out in the kitchen while the girls rustled up quite an impressive meal. After dinner and a few tootles of wine for them, and some cognac for me, I decided that I would impress them with my baking skills. Two of the girls (my friend, lets call her caroline, and marie) eagerly joined in, and under my instruction we soon had a our hands in large bowl preparing a scone batter. It was quite erotic at such close quarters as our bare arms brushed up against each other and our fingers occasionally touched. From the giggles and the quickly reddening cheeks it was clear that they were enjoying it as much as I. I caught them glancing meaningfully at each other a few times, and I thought they were probably contemplating some naughty romance together. My better half was out for the weekend, but I didn't think that they had my involvement in mind. The scones were a great success, we had them hot straight out of the oven with some fresh filter coffee.

After our scone desert, two of the girls left, and I was left with my two sous chefs. I suggested that we put a movie on and lounge the rest of the evening away under some warm duvets with the under carpet heating on. I have a couple of large couches in front of the tv, they easily sit three, and I was quite excited when they suggested that I sit between so we could all warm up. My friend was wearing a short soft cotton night dress at this stage, and her friend was till in her shorts. I had changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and could feel they warm thighs against mine. The feel of bare skin was almost too much to bear, and I soon had to adjust my shorts (fortunately under the duvet). My dick was rock hard, almost aching. I very furtively ran my hand over onto caroline's thigh. She responded by grabbing my hand, which was a tad cold, and wedging it between her warm thighs. Marie was now leaning on my shoulder with her legs curled up toward me.

I slowly made to move my now warm hand up caroline's thighs, she instantly obliged, opening just enough to for me to slip my hand up until it was just touching her panties. I softly stroked up and down the inside of her thigh, brushing against her panties a little form time to time. She opened her thighs a little wider, wide enough for me to go all the way up to her panties. I teased her, slipping my hand up until it was just millimetres away, enjoying the feel of the skin of her inner thigh. I could feel the heat in her crotch. She gently snuggled up to me, holding the inside of my arm and resting her head on my shoulder. I was feeling more relaxed now, still excited but more in control. Marie, was just snuggled up to me still, seemingly oblivious.

Caroline, was very quiet, on the surface it seemed as if absolutely nothing was going on underneath the duvet. I slowly moved my hand up on to her panties, lightly stroking up and down with my fingers. she was wearing soft cotton panties, and I could feel her labia and clit swelling. She was starting to breath heavily now, I was afraid that marie would notice and the game would be up prematurely. To my surprise she looked up at me with a naughty smile and a twinkle in her eye. I put my hand on her thigh and she responded by caressing the arm she was leaning on. I was alternating between softly stroking caroline's pussy and running my hand along her thighs. Eventually she grabbed my hand and pressed it against her, moving up and down against my palm, i could feel the moisture wetting through onto my fingers. We started kissing, hot heaving hungry kisses. I put my hand inside her panties, inserting the tips of my fingers just enough inside her to get them wet then proceeded to play around her clit. Marie, who had been watching quite intently, suddenly went under the duvet and started opening my shorts up. I though i would come almost immediately when i felt her warm soft hand on my throbbing dick. Caroline was gasping and moaning now, both her hands pressing my palm down against her clit and pussy. She came with sudden shudder, and a soft whimpering moan. Marie now had my dick in one hand and was moving in with her lips. I was relieved that caroline had cum, and now i could enjoy marie.

My dick was rock hard and throbbing, it was almost painful. She teased the head first with her tongue, making it throb even more and then she slipped her warm wet lips over it. She started taking more and more of me into her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth was amazing, i could feel my self go beyond the point of no return, and came in her mouth. it was intense, I shot three times what felt like the biggest load ever, and then sat back with a warm ache in my groin as she gently continued milking everything out of me.

We just sat there for a while, all in daze. The two girls snuggled up on my shoulders again, the movie providing pointless and irrelevant background sound. Eventually I wondered if Marie was satisfied, if perhaps she had gotten the short end of the stick, but when i looked at her she contentedly smiled back at me.

What a fantastic evening. never to be repeated, but certainly one that will stay with me for a long time. I find myself fantasizing about it when I'm with the better half. It's certainly spiced things up!