15 Apr 2017

So many ppl say the journey from one destination to another is boring. ... open ur eyes

To us any journey is an adventure from the time the key goes into the ignition.

Undies tho in a car are a no no they make access to difficult. Leaving home and turning onto the freeway i start to feel excited. I slide my hand over his leg down to his groin gently squeezing his dick and balls , he blows me a kiss. I take it to mean go ahead. I undo his jeans and slip his dick out. I slide my car seat back so i am able to slide my head into his lap. I lick the head of his dick its warm and tasty and slip it into my mouth and suck softly. I am encouraged by his moan so slip it further into my mouth . He tastes like a warm salty caramel i keep moving my mouth up and down his hardening dick . I know i am drooling as i can feel how wet his balls are as i gently squeeze them. He is now soo hard .i can feel my pussy throbbing begging to feel him. I lift my head and ask what the traffic is like. Not bad he replies and i feel him move the car to the side of the road. Pulling his shirt loose he leaves the car, coming around he opens the back and front car door. He asks me to get out and bend over my seat. I glance around quickly to see if anyone is paying us attention but the cars just zoom past. He slids my skirt up over my bum and caressing it. Do you want me baby he asks. Before i can reply he has already thrust his beautiful hard cock deep into me as i am bent over. The delight send shivers throughout my body. He sets up a quick deep movement, we cannot stop here too long. He thrusts hard and fast and i feel him tense quickly i orgasm to spur him on , he grunts as he feels my juices on his dick and ejaculates a full load into me. I can feel his liquid warm and thick filling me. As he pulls out our mingled juices run down my legs. We both laugh , attempt to dry ourselves and make ourselves socially acceptable. Back into the car we go .... till lust gets us again ....